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Alternatives Of Semrush: Make your Article look Professional With Similarweb!

How do you get more visitors if you have a website, blog, or channel?  Semrush and Similarweb is the best tool available on the internet in 2022.

Welcome to this review of Alternatives Of Semrush let’s check their benefit, Pros, and Cons. Now, we are going to share with you tools that can be used to increase traffic.

Similarweb is a more comprehensive tool for tracking website traffic. If you like to gather complex web data, you’ll require to start with a good web crawler and so Similarweb does own one.

It scans & reviews search engine pages and sites excellent fact that we visit frequently and assists its web crawlers to get more detailed facts when we install the Similarweb attachment, add-ons, or apps on our gadgets.

Similarweb is a service that calculates the cumulative volume of traffic that various websites get. It lets you view your rivals’ top traffic channels that are divided into different categories: referring pages, social traffic, and top trending keywords.

Start by going to and entering any URL in the search box. (Pro Tip: You can also see SimilarWeb data for any website you’re visiting in just one click by setting up a custom bookmarklet or installing the SimilarWeb Chrome extension.

This is super helpful if you’re doing a lot of competitive analysis.

We are going to be talking about how useful Similarweb will be for you and whether you should buy them or not.

What is Similarweb? (Alternative Of Semrush)

Alternatives Of Semrush

Similarweb is a tool that is like a one-stop shop for getting more traffic. It has got quite a lot of SEO tools and can help you to analyze your own website as well as that of your competitors so that you can climb up the ranking.

Similarweb helps you to understand what kind of content people are looking for and how you can get in front of them.

The Similarweb is an Ultimate Market Intelligence Platform and Comprehensive analysis for any app or website at your fingertips.

Similarweb is a tool that calculates the total amount of traffic different websites gets. It was the only tool to generally overestimate traffic.

Even though Similarweb Doesn’t give you 100% accurate results but it’s one of the most accurate!

It still helps you quite a lot to see your competitor’s traffic sources.

This thing is very useful, which you may not realize now if you are a beginner. Just to let you know, it is important from the point of view, if you are doing SEO and content marketing.

It would help you to know other stuff also like:

  • Who’s got the biggest share in your field (in terms of the competition). This would help you to plan your strategies accordingly.
  • You would also know which referral sources are of the most important in your area.

There is also something known as SimilarWeb Pro which offers you a host of features.

Few of them have been enlisted below:

  • Device distribution,
  • Audience info 
  • Traffic is share from various social media networks.



Similarweb Features

Alternatives Of Semrush

Similarweb also reports to find the best solution to your digital marketing challenges and help your website generate more search traffic.

Similarweb allows you to see competitors` top traffic sources, broken down into 6 major categories,

Including referring sites, Top search keywords, Social traffic, Competitor search & display ads, Competitive positioning map, and Competitor keywords

The functions of Similarweb are summarized below.

  1. Digital Research
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. eCommerce
  4. Investment
  5. Sales
  6. Website data
  7. Engagement metrics
  8. Mobile app industry analysis
  9. See traffic share by device
  10. Competitor display ads and networks
  11. Side-by-side website traffic comparison
  12. In-depth competitor keyword analysis
  13. Competitor website traffic analysis
  14. Email and social media traffic reports
  15. Visual charts and graphs for KPIs
  16. Keyword research tool
  17. Organic versus PPC keyword
  18. Mobile app popular keywords
  19. See traffic share according to channel
  20. Mobile app market ranking
  21. Mobile app traffic sources
  22. Conversion funnel pages
  23. Subdomains
  24. Landing pages
  25. Google Analytics keywords
  26. Industry analysis tool
  27. Google Play and Apple App store data

Key Features of SimilarWeb

Alternatives Of Semrush

Alternative Of Semrush:- Traffic Overview

The “Traffic Overview” section is a gem that is offered by SimilarWeb. This is going to be especially helpful to you when you are going to do a lot of competitive analysis.

It gives you an overview of any website.

You get to know:

  • The visits
  • Engagement
  • Ranking. 

The ranking are of 3 types:

  • Global.
  • Country. 
  • Category.


  • Represents the rank of the website in terms of traffic.
  • This means the lower the number, the higher the rank.


  • Shows the rank of the website in the country in which it is most used.


  • Shows the website’s rank in its own category.

After this, you will find the Traffic Overview, which is another useful thing about SimilarWeb.

It shows you:

  •  The Engagement, 
  • Total Visits,
  • Traffic by Country, 
  • Traffic Sources.

You can go on to find more localized information.

 Engagement provides you with the following data:

  •  Total visits,
  •  Bounce rate, 
  •  Average visit duration,
  •  Pages per visit.

With the total visits, you get to know the amount of traffic the site has received over the past two months.

Also, you can know the trendline of the site’s traffic over the past 6 months.

Another important section is the “Traffic Sources”.

It tells you about the reliable percentage of traffic that is received by a website from different sources, such as referrals, search, direct, social, display, and mail.

These percentages are quite helpful as it will let you know which sources you should really be using for your website.

Like if you see that social media is showing a higher percentage then you can use that source to increase your visitors accordingly.

This tool, I could say, would prove to be very helpful as it will help you to invest your energy in the right place.

This way you can formulate your strategies accordingly.

All this data should be analyzed well, thus you will know how other websites are getting the target audience, and hence that can help you also to drive the traffic to your website.

The Referrals

This is a really helpful feature of SimilarWeb.

It allows you to know the % of traffic that a website is getting through referrals.

Referrals are basically the traffic that you get from other websites. To be more clear, when someone clicks on a link (on someone else’s) article or blog post and is then redirected to your site. This traffic that you get is through referrals.

Referrals tell you the % of the traffic you get from other websites.

The website performance is divided into 2 parts:

  • Top referring sites 
  • Top destination sites

Top referring sites

  • It shows you the top 5 referring sites
  • Shows the % of traffic coming from various sites. (when you buy the “Pro” version of SimilarWeb)
  • If you are a content marketer, this could help you to find high-value link-building opportunities, potential partners, or online communities to start becoming active on.
  • You can also find guest post opportunities.
  • For instance, if my website (i.e. is receiving 18% of traffic from your website, then this means a good chunk of your target audience must also read on your website.

Top destination sites

  • Tells you how those visitors are leaving the site that you are analyzing.

With the information provided by referrals, you can easily find those businesses with which you can collaborate in your locality.

This way you can know how your competitors are generating traffic through referrals and then you can build your own strategies accordingly.

Then you can start your link-building campaign by outreaching out to these websites.

How to Rank high on Search Engines With Alternative Of Semrush?

Alternatives Of Semrush

Posting high-quality content is going to help you a lot to generate huge traffic. However, you should be doing that very frequently, the more you post, the more boost you get on the search engine.

You should also use the right keyword for the same. All this is not as easy as it may seem to be.

As content generation takes a lot of time and to post it frequently at the same time is quite hectic. 

To ease your work, you can take the help of an artificial assistant. I would suggest you go for Jasper AI.

Jasper AI helps you to write, the content much faster and makes your day more productive.

If you wish to know more about Jasper then click here to read my blog about Jasper AI.

This will give you an idea about how it will benefit you and then you can decide whether you want to have it or not.

Now let’s talk about the keywords that you should be using to rank higher. You can use those keywords that are being used by your competitors.

(Alternative Of Semrush):- SimilarWeb’s ‘Search’ section helps you in doing that.

The Search section has two blocks of data

  • Organic 
  • Paid 

It’s like, you can then Google those keywords that you find on the ‘Search’ section, this way you’ll be able to find which content is ranking for those keywords.

As the name suggests, organic traffic is the one that is generated when the visitors enter a query in the search engine.

For example, if your website is doing really well like you have been posting frequently good quality content and your website ranks well on the search engine, so when a person wants to look up for something, for instance, say, if someone has entered the topic “How to generate great traffic” and your post makes it to the first page, then people would click on that.

This traffic, which you get is called organic traffic.

Paid traffic is basically the one when the visitors click on the ads placed on the search engine result page.

So you must know how your competitors are driving the traffic. If they generate most of the traffic organically then you must make a list of top keywords and generate useful content which your audience is looking for.

Try to find out what your audience is looking for and give them exactly what they need, this will keep your audience engaged. Then, also you must know the top keywords.

This way you can generate traffic organically.

If your competitors are doing well using paid traffic, you can use those keywords too. You can even pay for those keywords to rank higher.

How to know which social media platform would suit the best for you?

As we know social media is an important platform from which you can drive a lot of traffic from, so you need to choose wisely which platform would suit the best to promote your website.

This section of SimilarWeb tells you what percentage of your visitors you are getting from which social channel.

The “Channels Overview” section helps you to know the percentage of the traffic derived from each channel; 

  • Like: email marketing
  • Paid searches
  • Display ads etc.

With the proper analysis and combining the information altogether, you can better understand which channel you need to focus on and which media suits you the best.

However, you need to build your strategies and try to understand which method would suit the best for you. 

There are multiple ways of doing stuff, like, you can try to enter the competitive area by using those platforms where your competitors are doing well.

In this, you will have to do proper analysis and study the behavior of your competitors, this will just give you an idea as to which method you could use.

 Another way is you can enter that area where your competitors are not active yet. This way you will face less competition and you can try out your way to get traffic.

Because, your end goal is getting traffic, you just have to find the right method of doing that.

Or you can even do a combination of these ways or even find out a new way that would suit you best.

Few things that only SimilarWeb the Alternatives of Semrush could do for you.

Competitive research is an important element of the marketing strategy as it gives you insights of the industry traffic trends and also helps you to get an advantage over the competition.

Understanding how your competitors are driving in the traffic helps you to formulate a better strategy for yourself in order to be ahead of the competition and increase your market share.

You will find many competitive research tools on the internet that would guarantee you the result, however, fail to produce the most accurate results.

With SimilarWeb you can get data based on real user searches and engagement so you can create a strategic, data-driven marketing plan.

The competitive research tool of SimilarWeb can do various stuff for you that other tools can’t.

The sources provide you with the most relevant and reliable data which in turn would improve your strategic decisions and increase your result.

Down below I have briefed up a list of things SimilarWeb could do for you.

Real traffic insights

You can take advantage of the real traffic insights provided by SimilarWeb. You get to know the overall traffic share, the share of voice, zero-click data, and more. 

 Zero-click searches refer to keywords whereby a search engine results page (SERP) answers a user’s search query on the page so the user doesn’t need any further clicks to get the information they need. A zero-click search is one that satisfies the search intent within the SERP.

SimilarWeb offers you with both the clicked and the non-clicked data which helps the marketing team quite a lot wherein they can understand which keywords are searched frequently but fail to generate much traffic.

The marketers can better optimize SEO, PPC, and Search strategies for keywords that would easily drive in traffic and user engagement.

The basic objective of a marketer is to drive traffic and hence they’ll have to prioritize such keywords that have got higher click rates (CTR)

Ps: CTR = people who actually clicked on a link / the total number of people who viewed the page.

The Engagement Metrics

SimilarWeb’s Website Analysis tool helps you to know the number of visits, engagement, rankings, and more. 

The benefits of a competitive research tool are:

  • You get an overview of the company’s digital market share.
  • You can understand how the company compares to its competitors.
  • You get to understand how the company is performing according to the visitors’ reach and engagement.
  • It also helps you to discover emerging trends and seasonality.
  • You get an insight into the audience’s behavior and granular time frames.

The traffic and engagement data mainly helps you to analyze the competition and give you a comparison between the quality of your traffic against that of your competitor.

Fresh keyword data

Another great thing about SimilarWeb is that it can easily detect new and trending keywords that other SEO fail to detect.

You must try to build a strong SEO strategy and for that, you’ll have to adjust your target keywords based on current events and updates to Google’s core algorithm.

As it is hard for other competitive research tools to determine the related keywords; SimilarWeb performs this job quite easily. The data reveals which keywords are driving more traffic in.

The tool optimizes the keyword search vs click volume and also finds which keywords help the sites to get more traffic and which site is benefitting from it; both paid and organic.

SimilarWeb gives you accurate data on the competitive landscape for any keyword by revealing the market size for the targeted keyword and uncovering the unique URL (landing page) per keyword for each domain.

Top Keyword Trends

 The top keyword’s trend page helps you to analyze on a category level how traffic is driven in.

With this tool you can see:

  •  Percentage of visits generated by organic search compared to paid search.
  • Breakdown of search traffic by search channels, such as regular search, news, image, video, and others.
  •  Breakdown of search traffic by source (or search engine), such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Alternatives of Semrush: Pros and Cons

Similarweb is a website analysis tool that provides insights into a website’s traffic, engagement, and marketing initiatives. However, like all tools, it has its pros and cons. Here are a few of each:

Similarweb Pros

  • Gives insights into a website’s traffic patterns, including which countries the traffic is coming from, what time of day the traffic is highest, etc.
  • Provides engagement metrics, such as time on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate.
  • Shows which marketing initiatives are working, such as which social media platforms are referring the most traffic, which keywords are driving traffic to the site, etc.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Search Query Ranking
  • Similarweb is a super effective keyword research tool.
  • For paid search, Simialrweb will help you identify the most popular search terms and optimize your cost-per-click bids.
  • For organic search, this will help you identify high-volume keywords that are easier to rank for.

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Desktop 

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

Similarweb Cons

  • No last 7 days, or yesterday’s data. This makes it difficult to pinpoint the most trending content.
  • Have to pay more for country-level traffic, global is the default.
  • the user interface isn’t as easy as other tools – but the data is spot on.
  • The data available is a month behind as well, so I’m not able to get timely insights when I need them.
  • The free version at least gives approximate figures but is not exact enough to be able to take them into account for audits and information for customers.
  • Extra seats can be expensive, as [an] agency with multiple team members this can be frustrating
  • It’s very hard to find fault with it, as they are very proactive in developing and implementing user roadblocks.

Similarweb Pro Pricing is available in the following plans!

Alternatives Of Semrush

SimilarWeb’s solution helps your team to make strategic and tactical decisions which would help you to increase your revenue.

 The pricing strategy of SimilarWeb is very simple.  A free version of Similarweb is also provided so that the users could become familiar with the tool. However, this offer is very limited.

Similarweb offers a 7-day free trial which means that this offer ends after 168 hours of sign-up.

You will be automatically charged after the 7 days free trial however the company sends you an email a couple of days ahead of your first charge as a reminder.

For any other queries, you can always contact customer support. 

The products offered by Similarweb are as follows:

  • Research Intelligence
  • Digital marketing intelligence
  • Sales Intelligence 
  • Investor Intelligence

Similarweb Research Intelligence

A Similarweb research intelligence helps you to develop your digital strategy. This also has a free trial of 7 days.  The features offered by this pack are as follows:

  •  Only one user can have access to this in the free trial.
  • You get limited access to historical data.

 If you Subscribe to the premium plan, then you will have an access to the following features :

  • Multiple users
  • Global and country-level data 
  • Up to 3 years of historical data
  • Industry analysis
  • Company analysis
  • App analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Conversion analysis
  • Segments analysis
  • Excel export and dashboards
  • API Access

Similarweb: Digital marketing intelligence

This Alternatives Of Semrush comes into three packages

All three packages come with different features so you can select your package based on your requirement. There is also a free trial so that you can test whether the tool is useful for you or not.

The tool is billed annually and monthly. With The Ultimate Plan, you can customize the tools that you require.

Similarweb: The essential plan 

  • Monthly –  Costs $199.
  • Annually – Costs $167.

The essential plan provides you with quite a lot of tools that are beginner friendly. You get access to all the tools except for the add-ons( which Mainly include user license, country filters, and API).

This plan is good to start with if you are new to SimilarWeb

Similarweb: Advanced plan

  •  Monthly – Costs $349
  • Annually – Cost $292

This plan is not much different from the Essential plan. The tools that you get for the essential plan are the same we get in the advanced plan. However, The difference comes in the included data section.

You can check the pricing plan by clicking on the link here

Similarweb: Ultimate Plan

Similarweb has an Ultimate Plan:

  • Monthly – Custom
  • Annually – Custom

The Ultimate Plan or better known as the custom plan Is a special plan of Similarweb. You can customize your plan according to your needs.  For further details, you can check out the website.

Because of this nice pricing I recommend this as an alternative of semrush.

Similarweb: Sales Intelligence

Similarweb has Features of Sales intelligence.

You can enhance your sales performance with this easily and boost your revenue.

This one is billed annually and is ideal for the sales professional and the team the features that you get are:

  • Lead Generator
  • Lead Qualification
  • Workspace
  • Technographics
  • Salesforce Connector
  • Alerts and Buying Signals
  • Web Performance

Similarweb the Alternatives of semrush: Investor Intelligence

This is designed to empower investors to make better investment decisions. This is also billed annually and you can customize your package according to your needs from the following:

  • Watchlist
  • Deal Sourcing Engine
  • Evaluation Dashboard
  • Comparative Benchmarking
  • Sector Analysis
  • App Analysis

As we have seen all the plans of SimilarWeb and if we were to compare this with the industry average then we would find that Similarweb quote is less expensive.

Packages offered by Similarweb are quite reasonable and they also provide flexibility by offering a few customizable plans.

The prices of marketing software products vary Based on Focus features and target audience. The prices also depend upon the size of the business and upon the requirement of the business.

Can check our other blog to rank your blog with content AI:- Jasper AI

Alternatives Of Semrush: Conclusion

Similarweb is an SEO and a great marketing intelligence tool. Similarweb is User friendly and provides you with relevant data.

This tool is suitable for any size of business. This software is very relevant for making strategic decisions.

Similarweb Estimation of traffic distribution from various sources is quite accurate.

This will help you to analyze how your competitors are getting the maximum traffic. And you can formulate strategies accordingly in order to drive in the traffic.

This information is Valuable for anyone doing SEO or content marketing.

You can also know Which referral sources are the most important amongst your competitors.

As the software is budget friendly and provides you with relevant information I think that you must just give it a try. Click here to start your free 7-day trial.

Final verdict on SimilarWeb v/s SemRush

Undoubtedly in Similarweb vs Semrush, Semrush is multiple times more expensive than Similarweb And Similarweb is very cheap to buy So here is a plus point with low pricing,

SimilarWeb Is a good choice for keyword analysis With many features…

SimilarWeb offers a free package. The great thing about SimilarWeb is that it adjusts prices based on the specific features you choose for your business.

In our opinion Similarweb is way better, So What is it now? You are a judge, review your business goals, and find the best software for your SEO goals.

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