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Alternatives Semrush: Features, Similarweb prices, and Pricing

Alternatives Semrush:- SimilarWeb is an online competitive intelligence tool that can provide traffic and marketing information for any website.

This tool provides users with a quick overview of site coverage, rankings, and user engagement.

Users can search for data by entering the URL of a specific website or by running a category search by industry or country, which shows the top 50 websites.

SimilarWeb turns raw data into compelling and insightful website metrics, including traffic sources, natural and also paid searches, social traffic, and related websites.

In its default view (audience overview), SimilarWeb shows website traffic for the last six months.

Snapshots showing global, U.S., and also category rankings and audience segmentation by country and traffic source.

Alternatives Semrush: Plans and Pricing

A free version of SimilarWeb (registration required) is provided, allowing users to become familiar with the tool with limited access to the features of the PRO tool.

The free account provides 5 results, 1 month of mobile application data, and also 3 months of web traffic data for each indicator.

Paid version

SimilarWeb’s premium plan can be customized according to your marketing needs but provides unlimited results for each indicator, 28 months of mobile application data, 3 years of network traffic data, and more information, such as:

  • Tier Global and National Data
  • Desktop and Mobile Web Split Analysis
  • Mobile App Holdings
  • Hot Pages
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Unique Visitors

Talk to a SimilarWeb representative to learn more about premium plan pricing,

PRO package provides a variety of exclusive features, including (check the premium package):

  • Compare up to 5 websites side by side
  • Full list of referrals
  • Full lists of paid and organic keywords
  • View website’s organic traffic and paid media competitors

With the PRO package, your data can also be exported to Excel.

The Advanced and Ultimate packages also provide industry analysis data not found in the basic and free packages.

SimilarWeb also provides customized payment reports based on user needs and preferences.

alternatives semrush

Alternatives Semrush: Top Features

SimilarWeb provides a rich visual dashboard that contains a lot of data, divided into overviews and other eight indicators: geography, recommended sites, search traffic, social, display ads, audiences, similar sites, and mobile applications.

The free version allows you to compare up to 2 websites side by side.

In the PRO version, up to 5 sites can be compared.

The free version of SimilarWeb displays the following 9 indicator boards:

  • Site Ranking and also an estimate of the popularity of a website among other websites.
  • Traffic Estimate: Monthly visits (in the past 6 months).
  • Participation: page dwell time, page views.

Custom Alerts

SimilarWeb allows you to save site reports and receive weekly updates on them.

The alert will be displayed on your user panel and also will be sent directly to your email.

You can configure alerts to display the metrics in the website report, including the following changes: desktop visits, global rankings and recommended traffic, and keyword trends.

SimilarWeb Alerts

Data Export

Non-subscribed users can download the full report in PDF and also send it to their email address (you cannot download it directly from the website).

The report is basically a screenshot of the website report.

You can also receive codes to estimate monthly visits and graphs from traffic sources to embed on your own website.

Pro users can enjoy some more advanced options:

  • Downloads all graphs and also tables as images (PNG).
  • Download three pieces of data: Recommended website traffic, search terms, and also popular words (in the search terms tab), and export them to Excel.

This is an important feature that allows you to manipulate and also create your personal reports in Excel.

SimilarWeb Data Export

Mobile App Analysis

As is expected from a leading online company, SimilarWeb has taken a major step into the mobile arena.

Their tool offers in-depth mobile app analyses that present valuable insights about your mobile app, allowing you to compare your app with other apps in the same industry/category.

Some mobile features are in beta or limited to Android apps, but the logic behind this is obvious that mobile traffic equals desktop traffic (or even higher in some verticals) and should be treated and measured this way.

App analytics

Mobile app analytics contains 3 categories, containing valuable data about Android and also iOS apps:

  • App overview

Ratings and rankings are based on audience reviews, a number of installs, category ranking of the application, and also ranking of the main free applications categories.

  • App Engagement
  • Overview
  • Audience interest
  • Usage patterns
  • Retention
  • App store page analysis Comparison of app store data with other apps (Android apps only)
  • Store traffic
  • Traffic external
  • Keywords in store
  • Search engine keywords
SimilarWeb Apps on Fire
  • Category Analysis

If you want to get a deeper understanding of mobile app trends, this feature will allow you to search using 4 filters:

  • Mobile App Store (Play Store/App Store)
  • Country/Region
  • Category
  • Free/Paid

Alternatives Semrush: Pros and Cons


  • Global data for users outside the United States.
  • Rich free version.
  • Great user interface.
  • Shows a complete and useful overview.
  • Large-scale data, including: visits, traffic sources, audience indicators, search data, social networks, geographic distribution, mobile applications, etc.
  • Provide organic keywords (also collect “not provided”).
  • Can export reports (also free PDF version only).


  • Traffic estimates are only set during the entire month
  • Estimated desktop traffic only, no mobile devices or tablets.
  • The number of unique visitors is not available.
  • Traffic estimates should be handled with caution, especially for smaller sites.

Similarweb Alternative


Can also help you to analyze your own website as well as that of your competitors so that you can climb up the ranking. Semrush is a tool that is like a one-stop-shop for getting more traffic therefore it has got quite a lot of SEO tools.

alternatives semrush

SEMRush helps you to understand what kind of content people are looking for and also how you can get in front of them.

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Alternatives Semrush:- Similarweb Summary

If you are a site owner or an online marketing professional, SimilarWeb can also provide competitive intelligence on your industry and main competitors.

For campaigns measurement and advertising decision making based on traffic size and conversion rate, you should pay close attention to the data estimates provided by SimilarWeb and decide whether or not they make sense compared to accurate data you get from Google Analytics for example.

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