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Canva Pro: Make designs like a professional in 2022

Canva Pro Free is it good? So, Visuals are an important aspect of marketing. Copy is likewise important — but if no one stops long enough to read it, it’s hardly effective.

Be it a website or a brand new YouTube channel, creating beautiful graphics or designing a thumbnail could be really hard.

Creating beautiful graphics as a design beginner can make you feel like you want art by throwing paint on the wall.

Plus, with limited resources, it’s hard to budget time to learn complex design software or afford a professional to help.

It let you make designs and graphics for ads, presentations, thumbnails, logos, animations, templates, stickers, Instagram, and youtube.

Here we welcome Canva.

Canva Pro

Wish you had a design robot? With Canva, you get to create your own designs (unique) with a click.

If you`re withinside the virtual advertising and layout area or in case you very own a business, you may already recognize what Canva is.

It’s a drag-and-drop design tool that makes it easy to create almost any type of visual content.

It permits (You) to easily create invitations, business cards, flyers, lesson plans, Zoom backgrounds, and more using professionally designed templates.

Your own image also which you can upload and You can drag and drop them into Canva Template

It’s like having a basic version of Photoshop that doesn’t require extensive photo editing skills, and it’s also available for free.

So What is Canva?

Canva Pro

Canva is basically Free, Canva is a free design tool, completely brilliant. Its got tons of different photos, elements, and also other graphics for you to use.

Canva is one of the best services and applications that permit (You) to design create almost anything online.

With Canva you can do various designs, So in other words a complete lifesaver in the content marketing world.

It’s absolutely brilliant for any graphic you want to design, Whether it”s for social media your website, and blogs, whether it’s for presentation cards, anything of that nature, Canva will sort you out.

Canva is a cheaper alternative that can be used by any brand in order to build visually striking content.

So now you know about Canva but why do you need to upgrade to Canva Pro?

You might be able to find the answer with the help of this article. So, let’s begin.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is the premium plan of Canva that includes more graphics, templates, and functionality than Canva free.

It’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other professional graphic design tools and comes with additional features including unlimited storage for photos and assets. 

It is much easier to use and you can even upload your own images and access millions of photos starting at $1 each.

With Canva Pro, you can download millions of selected stock photos, along with thumnail, youtube templates and other templates, illustrations, and more.

Canva Pro Free provides key to (special)Unique Features that make it easy for businesses and teams to cooperate and make visuals.

But, what makes Canva Pro different from Canva Free version?

The free service provided by Canva is completely fine for small projects, however, this access is limited and not that useful for brands, creative teams, and small businesses.

Canva Pro is subscription-based and user-friendly which gives you access to unlimited downloads of the Canva Pro feature.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to use Canva Pro

And don’t even have to spend hours designing marketing materials. 

What makes Canva Pro different from the Free version?

The free version offers good services. But the differences in the features of the free and the paid version make the paid version more special.

But how much of a difference is there?

Photo & Graphics Library: 

The free version offers you the ability to design anything. You can have an access to 100,000+ photos and graphic assets

The Pro version gives you access to over 100 Million+ Premium stock photos and graphics, all royalty-free.

Apart from images, the Pro unlocks all other premium design elements, including illustrations, icons, backgrounds, music, and videos.


The free version gives you access to 3000 fonts.

However, with the paid version you do get access to 3000 fonts but it also enables you to upload fonts of your own.


The Free version offers over 250,000 templates

Whereas with the Canva Pro version you can have an additional 610,000+ premium templates to choose from and you can even create your own templates.


The Cavca Free version offers 5GB of cloud storage.

While the Canva Pro Free version gives you a high storage of 100GB.

Document Resize:

 You’ll have to start all over again (if you like) to resize a document in the free version

But with Canva Pro Free you can resize your document with just a few clicks

The premium editing tools allow you to automatically animate and resize your images, as well as generate PNG images with transparent backgrounds.


With the free version, you get an access to six animation effects.

The Canva Pro Free version creates a full range of animations in both GIF & MP4 format


There is a 24/7 direct support in the Canva Pro Free or Canva Pro version, there is no support in free version, you will have to self-serve using guides and FAQ’s


The Canva free version does not offer this feature at all however, this amazing feature is being offered in the version about which we will talk about later in this article.

What makes Canva Pro free so special?

A person review– I have been a canvas pro user for 6 to 7 years now and Canva pro makes a lot of changes to the platform just over the last couple of years, it’s a desktop graphic design program.

I was very hesitant to try Canva Because everything I thought that anything that could be free online couldn’t be good and I quickly found out that I was wrong.

Canva pro-free include 60 millions or more.

Here are the top reason why you should have Canva Pro and how its tools are going to help you to enhance the social media content of your business

Brand Kit Manager

Canva Pro free permits (You) to work with your entire design team. The templates can be decided by the team manager and then the other team members could work off those templates.

There is even a centralized location for all the templates which means that users don’t need a special link to have access to these templates, they can access it whenever there is a need.

With the help of this tool, you can manage your brand colors and even keep your brand identity consistent across all of your designs

Brand Kit Manager also lets(you) to use your preferred fonts and even upload your own font. However, you already have access to 3,000 fonts.

But, this tool is a lifesaver for companies that need to save time and follow stricter branding guidelines.

And the best part is that you can the completed graphics in a centralized location which means that you no longer need to email the links and files to the other members of the team; it can be accessed by any team member you give permission to.

It is easy to keep your style consistent in every design.

Your options are unlimited

Canva Pro


Canva Pro Free offers you access to an extensive media library starting at just $1 each from a stock media library that keeps growing with time. You can create your own interesting graphics as the images you choose are already clear for your use, so you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create the pictures.

It offers unlimited storage for your own images and you can even create an unlimited amount of folders in order to keep things organized.


As I have already mentioned that apart from the fact that You get to choose from over 3000 different fonts, you also get to upload any specific fonts of your choice.

The brand allows you to apply your brand fonts in every design

Color Palettes:

The Brand Kit tool allows you to stay on your brand and manage your brand colors, this way you can keep your brand identity consistent across all the designs.

Keeping the color consistent is an import to match everything with a similar style. This way you can keep your brand guidelines up-to-date.

The free version of Canva does not make this feature available.

Resize images quickly with a few clicks

Canva Pro

This is another interesting feature of Canva Pro that is not available in the free version. Here, we are talking about the Magic Resize tool which saves a lot of your time and effort.

Suppose you have already designed a post for Pinterest and now you think about publishing on your other social media platforms as well, but one image size just simply won’t work for every social media platform. 

the magic resize tool allows you to resize or we can say alter the size of your design to a variety of templates with only a few clicks.

This tool comes in handy as You can change the dimensions of one design into many other design types at the same time!

Already this tool has most social media platform image sizes listed out for you but still there is an option to customize into specific dimensions as per your need.

Schedule your media directly with the help of Canva Pro Freen 24/7

You can design and plan your upcoming social media content so now you can work efficiently without working about it and let Canva do the work on your behalf. This exclusive feature is only available in the Pro plan, the free version does not offer it

Create your team and add members on Canva Pro Free

Whether you choose a free account or a Pro account, you’ll be able to create a mass variety of engaging and compelling content that will entice your targeted audiences and prospects. 

 Teamwork is the secret behind growth and success for any business.

There are 2 types of teams

Canva free Team

Canva Pro Team

Both the teams can have up to 3,000 members. You can assign Administrator and Member roles to each team member. But with Canva free teams, you are allowed to create up to 20 teams only.

With Canva Pro team you can assign members to the role of Template Designer. 

Pre-made Templates

The Canva Pro Free offers you a large number of templates and pre-set sizes ready to use in a click.

These templates are already designed for you, all you have to do is make necessary changes such as fonts, imagery and logo, and brand colors.

You don’t need to have design skills for this as Canva Pro free makes your work easier.

Canva’s Pro Free Video Editor tool.

Canva Pro free

According to the stats(2020), 54% of consumers prefer video over any other kind of content. Now you can expect this to increase in the future.

(If you like) to step up your game then try incorporating video footage, animations, or GIFs. This will really grab the audience attention

Can You Sell Designs You Make on Canva Pro?

 The company’s legal team answer the question to this question is

Canva Pro Free creates templates for our users, but we also welcome anyone who wants to create their own Canvamade design and sell it as a third-party template outside the platform. That is its means, the template we created. You can’t resell it, but you can create your own template for your business. “

This means that if you have designed anything on your own on Canva Pro Free, then you can sell it. However, you are not allowed to resell a used template.

Anything that you want to sell should be your own design and it can’t be a Canva template same but something very similar to the Canva template can be made and sold.

Try building your designs or templates from scratch to be safe.

Canva Pro Price

Canva Pro
Everything you need to get started with your design
It’s better to design together. Unlimited access to premium tools and content facilitates professional design.

Empower your team, manage your brand, and expand your content in one place

₹0.00₹3,999.00 /year for up to 5 peopleN/APlease contact us for more information


Canva Pro free

It is! For a limited time, there is one way to get all the features of Canva Pro for free. It’s an exclusive Free Trial of Canva Pro.

Fortunately, however, Stock Photo Secrets offers exclusive discounts on Canva Pro. 15% off on the Canva Pro Annual Membership. Now you can get this affordable graphic design solution at even lower prices!

If so, get 15% off Canva Pro’s annual plan coupons!

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Is Canva Pro worth subscribing? (Conclusion)

Canva Pro is an amazing tool to help grow your business to create visual content but success comes not only with great content but also by having a good strategy.

The Free version is also great to give a kick-start to your business in fact it is the best when you are just starting with editing and designing.

But as your business grows you will find that Canva Pro offers you many more features with an affordable pricing which would increase your efficiency and grow your business well.

It will give you more professional-looking, engaging visuals for your marketing strategy. This is far cheaper than hiring a graphic designer. 

With a simple drag and drop templates, you can make pro-level graphics with beginner-level experience. 

Canva uses images from Pixabay and Pexels therefore these are royalty-free for commercial and personal use.

The Canva Pro has a free trial of 30 days, which means that at the end of the period you will be automatically subscribed to the monthly or annual subscription, depending on the option you chose.

The Canva Pro Free version is a must-have for those of you who are simultaneously managing several social media sources (e.g. a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel) and also for all those who create branded designs on a regular basis, you will save you A LOT of time and effort.

However, the easiest way to decide is to try it yourself as there’s no risk of losing any money if you decide it’s not worth it in the end.

In case, you have any questions regarding this or would like to share your own experience with Canva Pro Free, do Leave a comment down below.

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