Reviews for Constant Contact

Reviews for Constant Contact (Honest): 60-Days Free Trial?

In these we are going to Review for Constant Contact, So, As one of the biggest email marketing tools in the world with millions of users, Constant Contact must be doing something right.. right?

While they boast unique sounding tools for such as survey and event management.

Let might take a closer look at what they really, have on offer and what features they have and etc.

Let’s see Whether constant contact is right for your business or not?


Reviews for Constant Contact

Constant Contact is considered one of the leading Email Marketing Services in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Design to help you Grow your Business, market your product, and so on. I guess the positivity of constant Contact is that it’s rarely complicated.

Today with well over millions of customers their main draw is their award-winning customer services, local live, educational workshop, and an extensive library of online resources in addition to their user-friendly software interface

When we doing Reviews for Constant Contact we found Constant Contact does many changes more often, in October 2017 they updated their editing setting to drag and drop style, which enables the user to create email camping quicker, more easily, and simpler.

Now, they shortened the steps more and made sending beautiful emails easier than ever

💰 Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of your subscriber, without pay, you go on the option available.

Constant Contact is one of those brand names that almost everyone in the eCommerce and digital marketing spaces is most familiar with.

The company has promoted its products widely and it continues to make a name for itself, especially when it comes to email marketing. I’ll give them that.

The problem is, although there’s a “Plans” page on Constant Contact’s main site, it turns out the pricing information’s kind of sketchy.

You’ll only see two plans, yet in reality, Constant Contact’s pricing options vary by a lot.

There are about 20 different packages you can choose from.

I recommend you to try out Constant Contact’s 60 Days Free Trial first.

Constant Contact basic pricing plans:

One of the first things to do on the main page is probably to see the types of constant contact pricing options available on the Plans page.

Reviews for Constant Contact

This is what you will find:

Free plan60-Days Free Trial
5000 subscribers$9.99/month
10 000 subscribers$45/month

I definitely tell you to try 60 Days Free Trails of Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers two different types of plans:

(Email Constant Contact plan):-

Email Constant Contact plan is a basic plan which is meant for small teams or freelancers as they don’t require the most advanced email marketing features

(Constant Contact Email Plus):-

With Constant Contact Email Plus you get features like event management, online surveys, and even automation.

This helps your team to function well as you will be able to manage your team well with this plan.

The Basic Plan starts at just $20/month for 500 contacts whereas the Email Plus starts at $45/month.

You get a discount of 15% if you go for 6-12 month plans and a 30% discount is available for the nonprofits.

Try out this tool which gives you a free trial of 60 days providing any credit card information.

And as I have already mentioned before, the price depends upon the number of subscribers.

Constant Contact, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a free plan, however, they offer you with a 30-day free trial and the basic plan starts at $20/month.

More no. of subscribers = More Cost

0-500$20 / month$45 / month
501-2,500$45 / month$70 / month
2,501-5,000$65 / month$95 / month
5,001-10,000$95 / month$125 / month

Difference between both the plans

Send emailUnlimitedUnlimited
Users1 user10 users
File storage1GB2GB
Stock photo libraryIncludedIncluded
Email marketing automationNoYes
Templates(more information)All includedAll included
SupportChat & PhoneChat & Phone
Registration formsInline, Pop-up & Landing pagesInline, Pop-up & Landing pages
Smartphone appiOS & AndroidiOS & Android
Event managementNoYes
Constant Contact prices based on subscribers
0 – 500$20 / month$45 / month
501 – 2,500$45 / month$70 / month
2,501 – 5,000 $65 / month$95 / month
5,001 – 10,000$95 / month$125 / month
10,001 – 15,000 $195 / month $195 / month
15,001 – 25,000$225 / month $225 / month
25.001 – 50,000$335 / month $335 / month
6 month deal *10% off 10% off
1 year deal *15% off 15% off

With Constant Contact, you can choose your plan according to your need:-

The plans that are offered by Constant Contact are mainly 3:

However, the price of each package goes up as the number of subscribers increases.

The Core plan starts at $9.99 per month.

The list of features that are offered in his plan are:

  • Customer list growth tools (website sign-up forms, Facebook ads)
  • Email Marketing
  • 300+ email templates
  • Store, organize and view contacts
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn all at once
  • Real-time reporting (list growth, views, clicks)
  • Award-winning live phone and chat support

The Plus Plan starts at $45 per month.

The additional feature which are offered are:

  • Additional list growth tools (Google ads integrated, text message sign-up, lookalike ad targeting)
  • Automated emails (resend to non-openers, abandoned cart reminder, birthday/anniversary)
  • Auto-generated segments (most, somewhat, least engaged)
  • Conversion and sales reporting
  •  Personalized kickoff call

Now, here’s the best part.

⚙️ Features

As mentioned earlier constant contact does offer a couple of unique features that may be useful to many,

Reviews for Constant Contact

There is a feature called ‘Grow Facebook fans’ Which allows you to create three different types of social media campaigns for your Facebook page.

In Constant Contact, you have for your products downloadable content, such as an ebook or prizes.

It allows you to collect emails of your Facebook fans and possibly their friends if it is shared.

You can also create an Email survey

The couples of other features of constant contact to be aware of are CC’s social media planner and website builder.

It feels pretty convenient to have everything under one roof, Well I m convinced the builder is better than a dedicated Websites builder such as Wix or Shopify.

Some more Features of constant contact are:-

  • 📙 Social Posting
  • ➕ Integrations
  • ✔️ Surveys, Polls, and Event RSVP
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Lead Generation Landing Pages
  • 💬 Text-to-Join
  • 🌐 Website Signup Forms
  • ⤴️ Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
  • 📝 Customer List Management
  • 🤖 Marketing Automation
  • 🎴 Templates
  • 📈 Reporting

Also Yes, you can build Websites and Online stores, we are not going to be getting into that in this blog.


Sending emails to your prospects for sales purposes only is not enough. It’s important to get accurate information about things like…whether your email was received by recipients.

Was it opened or deleted? Were the links in your email clicked?

That’s where email tracking software comes in handy.


Constant Contact offers over 240+ beautifully designed email templates for your business.

Each one is easy to edit and customize, so you can use it for whatever you want to say-whenever you want to say it.

They are actually flexible, functional, and mobile responsive.

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation isn’t just for big companies.

Constant Contact’s marketing automation tools can help your organization develop more efficiently and strategically at email marketing, this will save a lot of your time while growing your business.

It’s quite easy to send a single welcome email or an automated email series that nurtures leads. then send targeted messages to specific contacts.

Also, you can more value out of each email with action blocks that encourage subscribers to buy or donate.

Customer List Management

Whether you built your mailing list through an opt-in form or signup form, you can use​ Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, your e-commerce platform ​, or​ wherever you currently store your contacts’ email addresses.

They make it easy to upload them to your Constant Contact account and start sending ​your​ email campaign​​.


You can keep the conversation going with email marketing that engages contacts at the moment they connect with your business and post regularly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay engaged with your audience.

You can do it all from your Constant Contact dashboard.

Website Signup Forms

Being for so long in the market Constant Contact’s professional, secure, and mobile-optimized sign-up forms are designed to match your brand and built to turn website visitors into new contacts.

Dynamic forms come with advanced behavioral triggers, so you can customize how and when forms display on your website—such as when visitors are about to leave a page.

Constant Contact offers a range of inline and dynamic forms, including pop-ups, fly-outs, floating tabs, and more.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Landing pages are an easy, effective way to convert leads into customers and generate sales in one place.

They currently offer two different kinds of landing pages: Lead Generation and Shoppable.

Social Posting

Honestly, their dashboard is user-friendly & well designed compared to the competitors.

From the dashboard, you can post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, all in one click. Plus, respond to messages, mentions, and comments on Facebook and Instagram.

All from within your account, Pretty useful right?


It’s fairly easy to make it easy to integrate your Constant Contact email account with a wide range of apps, integrations, and partner services that can help you get more out of email marketing.

Surveys, Polls, and Event RSVP

You can view individual results from respondents, or track general data trends from your social media or email survey.

With their user-friendly online polling tools, you’ll get real-time insight into customer feedback so you can plan what to do next and increase customer satisfaction.

🟢Pros and 🔴Cons

It’s time to take a look at the pros and cons of Constant Contact.

Reviews for Constant Contact

🟢Constant contact Pros

+Niche Features

As just mentioned, the Niche Features may be useful for many small businesses, and having the things in one place can save you from using multiple services.

They even offer a landing page for their event register features

+Simple Interface

One benefit of Constant Contact is you’ll rarely be Confused by the interface.

They keep things simple and user-friendly of course this can also be interesting as Heaven.

🔴Constant Contact Cons


Constant Contact prices are a tough sell, not only are they the highest in the industry But one of the best and a bit high.

They are one of the highest in the industry. Although considering the value it’s quite worth it. 


Support is another sore point. their Chats interface is confusing and often time I was told I need to call someone, as they couldn’t answer my call safely

Email Support also Promised a 4-hour Turnaround only for it to be over 10 hours

But most of them or almost all are solved and improved by Constant Contact.

Major Features

The Campaign is how everything gets done, everything you do is not just Email Automation

Reviews for Constant Contact

Its Social Posts, Ads, Events, Landing Pages, Websites, Stores, and also Email. All this fit under the banner of the Campaign of Constant Contact

Also Yes, you can build Websites and Online stores, we are not going to be getting into that in this blog.

But, you should know its an option (uh but let’s stick to what you are here for let’s stick to the email)


Well, Constant Contact takes spam pretty seriously this is Important because if Constant Contact didn’t take spam seriously.

Then any Email you send through Constant Contact would be unlikely to reach its destination because all Emails system depends on reputation.

That way Constant contact also has Dkim Authentication basically encryption that lets the Email server know that all these Emails are really coming from you

The Niche Features may be useful for many small businesses, and having the things in one place can save you from using multiple services.

They even offer a landing page for their event register features

There are some features missing Constant Contact did not prevent the importation of some spamming addresses that I uploaded on purpose

But, also this is a good thing about half an hour ago my account get under review.

I had to talk to support and tell them that okay I uploaded those emails on purpose, to see how your email security system handles things so that was good.

Contacts Management

Constant Contact on the other hand is quite easy to use and the features provided make it easy for the users to organize the contacts.

Constant Contact offers slightly more features in comparison to Mailchimp when it comes to managing and importing of contacts.

Templates Design

The ready-to-use email designs provided by both the tools are quite impressive.

Here as well, they both have their own unique features.

The designs offered by Constant Contact are quite easy to use even for a beginner, also, a wide variety of ready-made templates are offered to choose from.

Ranging from announcements to special holiday events.

The drag and drop feature of Constant Contact allows you to personalize your emails easily. You can add images, videos, buttons, and social sharing links along with other options.

One of their exclusive features is the ‘Action Block’ which is really useful for ECommerce users. This feature allows you to embed your products(product details) into the emails.

You can even send special coupons to your customers and collect information (their experiences with the products) using polls.


Knowing about how well your newsletters are doing is an important part as the success of the email campaign is dependent upon that.

Constant Contact lets you know the click rates, open rates forwards, and many more things. You can also track conversions by integrating Google Analytics.


Automation is an important feature while running email campaigns. It saves the marketers from the hassles of creating and sending new emails each time. thus making it an ideal tool for lead nurturing.

Constant Contact provides you with limited automation options such as welcome emails, anniversary and birthday emails.

It allows you to set up autoresponder and you can even send personalized emails, however, you get access to the automation functionality as you climb up the price ladder.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, which is also called split testing, allows you to experiment with what kind of marketing campaigns would entice your customers to click through.

In contrast to this, Constant Contact allows you to test only the subject line and you cannot test any other attribute at all plus the A/B testing is only available when you subscribe for the plus plan or higher.


You would want to integrate your email marketing tool with the other tools in order to get the best results.

You can easily sync your online store with the email marketing campaign.

Constant Contact, on the other hand, integrates directly with Shopify(which is beneficial for eCommerce businesses).

It offers you a limited range of integration, however, allowing you to get the most out of their marketing solutions.

Constant Contact has up to 450 integrations:

  • Shopify
  • Hootsuite
  • WordPress
  • 3dcart
  • Zapier
  • Eventbrite
  • Facebook
  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks

Constant is the perfect solution for start-ups and small businesses as it is quite simple and easy to use. It categorizes its search function by business needs.

Customer Support

User experience is very important when you deal with technical tools. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere and be lost.

Therefore, the assistance which you get from the experts is very important for the smooth processing of your business.

Constant Contact, in contrast, provides you with email support, 24/7 live chat, and phone support and they also have a knowledge-based self-service which is quite helpful.

They are ready to help you anytime and you also have an access to their community help portal.

So clearly, Constant Contact wins this round as it offers you with help anytime and at a reasonable price, Mailchimp, on the other hand, provides you with no phone support by which you can get help directly.

Details and Rating

After using Constant Contact for such a long time, this is what we rate its features.

Email Builder
Constant contact is an easy platform to work on, but when it comes to customization. It’s simple to use, and fast.
Email Types
Recurring newsletters, A/B split testing, automation, surveys and polls, automation, coupons.
List Management and Segmentation
You can create a contact segment from the insights and even tag contact on the basis of contact field criteria. Creating segments from contact activity, e-commerce activity is also very easy.
The site and the tool, as of now, are available only in English. However, the support and knowledge base is available in 4 different languages.
Constant Contact is pretty good in reaching the most popular email providers(Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo)
Constant Contact has always worked super well in integrating with other social media platforms
Reports and Analysis
Provides you with open and click rates, spam, bounce, and unsubscribe rates. You also get to know the open and rates, opens by devices which are quite useful to give you an insight.
Comes with live chat, phone support, a knowledge base, and community-based support. There are a lot of video tutorials on their website which are quite helpful. If in case, your question remains unanswered then you can always make use of live chat.
Overall Use
Overall, I recommend using Constant Contact, even though its pricing might be higher than its competitors. I’d say it’s well worth it in order to achieve email marketing success

Now what exactly is an email newsletter and how is it going to help you?

Now what exactly is an email newsletter and how is it going to help you?

Email newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools, they basically contain the news and updates of the company so that you can keep your customers engaged.

As for the purpose, it is a marketing tool, it helps quite a lot in the conversion.

An important point that is to be kept in mind is that you should be sending these emails only to those subscribers who have given you the clear consent to do so; this would help in conversion as you don’t want your emails to end up in the spam box.

These emails should be precise and to the point containing valuable content like guides, product reviews, tips, and announcements.

You can also include personal recommendations which would help the customer decide better.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways in order to stay in touch with your audience.

But your emails are going to stand out only if they are different from the rest of the emails that are being received.

Is Constant Contact newsletter service good for you?

Customize with Pre-made Templates

The templates provided by Constant Contact will help you to make your job easier. These pre-made templates are going to save you a lot of time and you can even customize them with its drag and drop feature.

You can pick colors of your own choice. Add texts, pictures, and your brand logo.

Choose your frequency by scheduling your emails

You can write your emails whenever you get the time and schedule it accordingly as emails that are received too often can be annoying.

This way you don’t have to sit at a specific time to write down the email, as timing is very important. You should know the peak time as to when usually people check their emails.

Tracking your results

Constant Contact’s real-time reporting allows you to track the open rates, click rates and bounce rates easily. You can even know if someone has forwarded your email or unsubscribed. These reports can have to improve your emails and help you to understand what is working and what is not working for you.


You can take the help of the experts by allowing them to create templates according to your wish. Online resources are also available to give you guidance.

Constant Contact VS The Competition

GetResponse includes marketing automation, A/B testing, personalization, pre-made templates, drag and drop, and many more features.

GetResponse is a simple yet powerful tool that would help you to create pages and send emails.

The tools are user-friendly and help you to increase traffic and boost conversion rates easily.

ActiveCampaign comes with great automation systems. It has got a feature which would allow you to track who has visited your website.

It also gives you a good deliverability rate and helps you to connect with those who visit your website.

EnagageBay is also a great platform for small to medium-sized businesses that need marketing tools. However, The landing pages templates are very limited at the moment.

Mailchimp is quite popular. Although it is simple to use but you will find it hard to keep things organized.

However, Constant Contact allows you to organize things in a better way, so, it can be a better option for you.

If we talk about the templates, both of them offer great templates.

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Reviews for Constant Contact: Conclusion

Constant Contact is a platform that is designed to help you with email marketing.

It comes with automation and you can personalize your emails which would help you to increase your conversion rate.

It also provides features such as website builder, E-Commerce tools, and logo design assistance. This would help you in website management

Constant Contact provides you with Mobile-friendly Email templates which would make it easier for your audience to access your message anywhere and with any device.

Constant Contact has a great support team so you don’t get stuck up. Also, it provides you with a good deliverability rate and a wide variety of ready-to-use templates.

Constant Contact is the most suitable for small businesses that are just getting started as it is a very simple tool that is easy to use and provides you with such tools that would help you to increase your conversion rates.

The pre-made templates make your job easier and with the drag and drop feature you can design your emails in a suitable manner

Also, it has great levels of support and security.

You must check it out by yourself as it has a free trial of 60 days.

This will help you to decide whether it is a good fit for your business or not.

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