Easy Way To Track Links Clicked And Email Open Rates

In order to make your email marketing successful, you need to analyze email open rates and link click rates.

I have talked about this in the previous article.

There are many other online tools and services that can help you track email open rates and link click rates.

If you send emails to customers or even potential customers from your WordPress site then tracking email open rate and link click rate is a must.

Once you can track them, you will know what is really happening when you send your customer’s e-mails.

Well, how is this possible?

Recently WP Mail SMTP announced an open and link click tracking feature

If you don’t know what WP Mail SMTP is, let me explain.

What is WP Mail SMTP?

WP Mail SMTP Homepage

WP Mail SMTP is an intuitive and powerful tool that will correct your email delivery errors by properly configuring your WordPress SMTP to use the appropriate SMTP provider when sending emails.

This tool has been downloaded and used by over 2 million websites.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin seamlessly solves email delivery problems by improving and changing the way your WordPress site sends emails.

The plugin simply configures the wp_mail () function to use the correct SMTP host credentials or to use the built-in SMTP mail provider.

This tool makes it easy to set up third-party email providers, for example:

  • SMTP.com
  • Sendinblue SMTP
  • Mailgun SMTP
  • SendGrid SMTP
  • Gmail SMTP
  • Microsoft SMTP (Outlook.com and Office 365)
  • Amazon SES SMTP ZES
  • All other SMTP

What are some of the features of WP Mail SMTP?

  • Follow-up of e-mail
    You can always check which e-mails have been sent to those if the email records are enabled.
  • Notifications of the contact form
    is easy to maintain an e-mail track sent through the contact form. In general, there is no registration of these e-mails.
  • Delivery of email
    This feature helps maintain an e-mail delivery status. In many cases, its users say they have not received their e-mail, you can verify them here,
  • The details of the date and time
    also maintain a record of the date and time of all the e-mails sent.
    So, if you wish to review the e-mails of a time or a specific framework, you can always check it here.

Now that you know what WP Mail SMTP is let’s see how to track email opens and link clicks with it.

How To Track Links Clicked And Email Open Rates?

To take advantage of the ability to track email open rates and link clicks, you need to purchase the professional version of WP Mail SMTP.

For this to work turn on email logging, enable tracking.

Everything is possible with this plan.

It will automatically start Tracking your email clicks and opens in any HTML email sent from your site.

Open and click details in WordPress email log with wp mail smtp

It will automatically start tracking your email clicks and will open in every HTML email sent from your website.

How to configure WordPress e-mail records with the WP mail SMTP plugin?

  1. Go to Dashboard> WP Mail SMTP> Email Protocol.
  2. Check the Enable Log option to record all basic details.
  3. After activation, there is another option called “Log E-Mail Contents”.
  4. Normally, the e-mail log does not store any e-mail content. If e-mail content logging is enabled, ensure that the e-mail log is also saving the e-mail content log.

With the help of this plugin, you can see all clicks in the backend and every email sent, regardless of whether it is valid or not.

Oftentimes you want more and more people to see your email without opening it.

This is where the functions of resending and reopening emails come into play.

If you use the Pro plan, you can resend the email directly from the backend without having to resend the email.

Just click the resend link on the backend and your email will be resent.

This plugin is very smart, it will automatically queue your emails so that your website will not slow down, and push emails to your email list carefully.

Overall, I think WP Mail SMTP is a solid plugin for your site if you want good quality.

If you have any questions feel free to comment down below!

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