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Elementor Cloud Review 2022 — Is It Reliable for Hosting?

So, You are looking to build out a website, you heard about Elementor Cloud and you Got Some Questions. So, today we are going to be reviewing element or cloud.

This is basically WordPress Elementor Cloud and your Elementor Pro all bundled into 99$ per year.

Wouldn’t it be just fabulous that if you could create your website with only a few clicks you wouldn’t have to worry about things like hosting provider SSL, CPN, CPU, MYSQL, PHP, TLDR.

Today, our main focus is the Elementor Cloud website is your all-in-one solution for creating your first or next website?

No offense unless you would be living under a Rock or your internet is switched off, you should have heard about Elementor Cloud or Elementor Pro.

If you haven’t heard from the same team that developed the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress called Elementor called Elementor pro plugin.

Has recently released a new product called Elementor cloud website hosting

Well In this Blog I will be driving into exactly, So let’s Dive right into things and start of what we called Elementor Cloud!

What is Elementor Cloud Hosting?

elementor cloud review

Elementor Cloud website is an all-in-one solution for creating a website for just $99 dollar/a year.

Plus you get the Elementor pro plugin which is normally $49 dollar a year and you get wordpress pre-installed onto your hosting.

Which is usually free and most importantly you get hosting built in which is on google cloud hosting.

Elementor Cloud is Google Cloud hosting for your Elementor Website with wordpress on the Cloud for it’s a pretty nifty package I have to say.

Elementor Cloud in Nutshell is basically a platform created by Elementor. Which is one of the leading page builders out there for WordPress websites.

Now, Believe it or not, WordPress actually runs about 43 percent of the internet, which is crazy almost half the Websites out there are built on WordPress.

This includes some big names like the new york times, time magazine, Spotify newsroom, and a whole bunch of other big websites. So, WordPress is pretty much the standard.

Build a WordPress Website with Elementor Cloud?

Now, to build A WordPress Website you Really need one of two things you either need to be a Coder so you can Code the entire website yourself or you need a Page Builder.

That makes it basically very easy for you to build out a website without needing to know a single line of code.

Now, while I did take two coding classes in college, I definitely fall into the ladder camp, where I need a page builder to build my websites.

That is when Elementor Comes into play

All done through Elementor, on top of that, you also get SSL, security backup, features, and some typical things you expect from using any kind of hosting.

For the best part of using Elementor Cloud:-

  • You can get the Elementor Pro Plugin.
  • All the themes for Free.

Actually, over 7.6 percent of the website on the internet runs on Elementor.

Which is also just a crazy concept because that means a significant percentage of wordpress websites are built on Elementor.

I would say Elementor is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to page builder for wordpress.

That’s not among just small sites I mean large sites as well are using Elementor to build out their websites basically.

Interfaces in order to make it very easy to edit and very appealing to users.

So, previously Elementor’s only offering was this page builder that a bunch of wordpress websites is using this page builder.

But Now there’s Elementor Cloud which came out early in 2022.

It basically takes the service that Elementor is providing, takes it to the next level, and allows you to basically build your entire website in one place.

Elementor Cloud Review: All in One

So in the past really only offered a couple of different things you could either use their free page builder or build your wordpress website using their Pro Page Builder.

Or you can get their pro page builder for 49$/Year, you can use that to get some advanced features, functionality, widgets, etc

Now with both of these, you need to have your Webhosting Separately. So basically you need 3 main things in order to get a wordpress website up and running.

The first of which Hosting so Elementor here provides us with is Elementor Cloud hosting with cheap pricing.

Second Install WordPress which is a bit of Pain, For most of the hosts you have to install wordpress and some take a price for installing wordpress but Elementor has WordPress already installed.

Third, then you actually need to build your pages so that’s where either being a coder or having a page builder comes into play and that is where Elementor comes into a fit.

So you have Web hosting with WordPress installed and a page builder.

Elementor Pro

So, Elementor is obviously a very popular WordPress page Builder, It’s one I am using a quite bit now it integrates with lots of stuff, and that really nice thing about it.

In Elementor Pro you get many templates, click go into appearance and now you see the hello theme that’s Elementor’s regular standard theme.

Which you can keep as long as you are working on the Elementor Plugin.

In Elementor Pro there are literally hundreds of premium features that give you complete full control of the layout and design of your website.

Elementor Cloud Review: Pricing

elementor cloud review

You’re getting Elementor Pro Which is normally $29, and WordPress which you get Free anyway usually as part of your hosting

But then for an extra $50 dollar which is what the $99 dollar is made of, you are getting google cloud hosting.

So once you go ahead and pay $99 dollars, what exactly are you getting for that, well first of all you could say well it’s 49$ for a Single Elementor Pro License and so you are paying $50 dollars a year for Hosting Click here for buy.

To give you an idea of what WordPress hosting typically costs it can really range anywhere from $4.99 per month if bought annually.

If you are getting high-end hosting over a thousand dollars per year on high-end now that price no that price is mainly gonna be dictated by how much severe location you have, total bandwidth, page views per month, and a bunch of different things.

So, for small sites, you get closer to that $50 per month to $100 per month if you pay annually.

But if you buy Elementor Cloud you would be paying annually only $99/Year which is basically less than 9 dollars a month, plus you get hosting, a pro license page builder and WordPress installed.

Elementor Cloud Review: Features

elementor cloud review

For $99/a year, you get $50/a year of hosting, which is cheap, and also $49/a year Elementor pro page builder.

  • 100GB of bandwidth
  • 100k Unique monthly visitors
  • 20Gb of storage

As a part of that, you are going to get 100 gigabytes of bandwidth for a top site experience, you will have plenty of storage which is 20 gigabytes of storage for all your assets and content, and 100000 monthly unique visitors ready for your traffic to your site.

Hopefully, Elementor will increase these limits at some point in the future because they are always developing and adding new features.

Now, this leads me to one of the things that I’m not really, I don’t like and this isn’t specific to Elementor cloud offering this is just hosting companies in general that do this.

If you giving bandwidth there’s no point in putting a limitation on the number of visitors and vice versa because it’s kind of pointless.

Security (Elementor Cloud Review)

Elementor Cloud Security (Trusted Protection)

  • Site Lock
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily Backup

Site Lock

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security to your website, Site Lock is a great option. Site Lock is a cloud-based security solution that offers real-time protection against malware, spam, and other online threats.

It also provides website owners with a daily scan of their site to ensure that it is free of any malicious code.

one other thing is once you register a new Elmentor cloud website it is locked by default so you can safely work.

In-progress/development websites can be kept private until unlocked or viewed with a password.

Daily backup

They offer backup luckily they do, you get daily backup Running automatically every 24/hours some newbies that plan to build a website might even not think about making backups.

But this is important imagine one plugin affects the other plugin and your site is ruined and you have a backup.

Like this happened mainly with people who are just starting out but this is a good option to have a free daily backup.

SSL Certificate

They offer SSL certificates luckily they do, instead of buying a third-party solution for SSL certificates this comes in with this all-in-one and is provided by Cloudflare.

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that is used to encrypt data and establish a secure connection between a web server and a web browser.

SSL Certificates are used for information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials.

When a web browser connects to a web server that is using an SSL Certificate, the browser verifies that the certificate is valid and that the connection is secure.

Page Speed Desktop

So when we tested Elementor Cloud we did Page speed Desktop Test and here are the results.

It’s 100 Percent on their lab data so it’s doing pretty good.

Page Speed Mobile

Same we did with Page speed Desktop Test on Elementor Cloud we get the result.

Here are the results of the elementor cloud

It’s 97 percent on the mobile score that’s also a pretty good score.

Elementor Cloud Review:- Premium Support

elementor cloud review

One of the best selling points of this package is Premium Support.

You will have like a chat button right directly in your Elementor dashboard and in your wordpress admin.

You just click the button and you can instantly chat with someone from the Elementor team and they usually respond within 3 to 5 minutes.

You can leave an email if you are busy and they will reach out to you and they give solid answers to questions.

I think it is one of the great packages for anyone starting a website and it’s only $99.

Other WordPress Plugin

We came to know when did some deep research in Elementor Cloud Review that Elementor is fully agreeing and compatible with other WordPress plugins.

Such as WooCommerce, toast, Smush, ACF, and more, So keep your WordPress Plugin.

Yes, you are limited on a few of some of the plugins but that might protect you as well. but all the plugins like woo commerce, toptomize, and rank math they installed perfectly fine.

No Hidden Fees

Price is fixed with no additional costs throughout the process What is you is only what you pay.

All Features are included at one predictable price.

Elementor Cloud Review:- Some Other Features

  • Google Could Platform
  • CDN by Cloudflare
  • All Elementor Pro Features
  • WordPress Pre-Installed
  • Custom Domain Connection

How it Differs From Other Website Builders

Now, let’s talk about how it differs from Some of its competitors, so the big thing, the plus point we see in Elementor Cloud Review is instead of paying for your Webhosting and then paying for your page builder.

They are bundled together in one so you can pay for everything in one spot and everything is automatically linked.

You are looking at a bare minimum hosting price which is $50/yr for hosting and $49/yr for page builder build-in.

The hosting you getting is more suitable, what I mean is you get a lot more value than you invest.

Because it is based on Google Cloud Platform which is trusted by top-tier companies and it’s pretty well renowned for its security and reliability so you are getting really solid hosting.

Plus with that, they are adding a lot of other features which we talked about above.

  • It saves your Time
  • Better Hosting
  • Cheap Pricing (For both Elementor Cloud and Elementor Pro)

Elementor Cloud Dashboard

Once you register an account and pay for your Elementor Cloud Website after reading this post on Elementor Cloud Review you will be in your Elementor Dashboard.

Elementor has and management dashboard. your websites will be in your left.

When you hover your mouse to this title you will have three options here, open wordpress dashboard.

Edit with Elementor as you will be editing the homepage of your website directly.

And you can click the third button to manage this website.

Kit Library

You might not be familiar with that, the kit library is a library of different pages or even complete websites for different types of business.

You can also filter it by the business category here so this is some wireframe with a placeholder text and a blank image.

If you go down you find many theme designs by Elementor Team.

Elementor Cloud Cons

What you do not get:- A domain name and you also do not get an Email Provider

So, if you buy Webhosting you need to buy something else to create an email account with that domain like info on your Domain.com.

So all prices together will be $99 dollar for one website Elementor cloud and Elementor pro with WordPress installed it’s very good and the Domain will be $18.

What you must know before deciding to use the platform. (Conclusion)

elementor cloud review

So, what you must know before deciding to use Elementor Cloud to host your website?

While this is a great solution for most people, I included this in what I used to build literally all of my websites.

I would be honest, I like where they are going, since where because Elementor Customer support gets a lot of issues and all of the time the problem has to do with really bad web hosting.

That’s why Elementor said you know we are going to create our own web hosting platform so a lot of those issues will be gone and people can have two in one Elementor Pro.

Let’s summarize the things we discussed in this blog

In terms of what you paying for Elementor Cloud plus Elementor pro, this is value for money.

Do you decide to Believe and Know that it works for you?

So the cloud and page speed insight speed is fine as I would expect, Elementor Pro comes as part of it, so you only paying just $50/year for hosting.

Which is nearly 4 dollars a month which is really good value. it comes with WordPress Pre-installed, SSL Certificate, and also automatic 24 hours Daily backup.

Yes, you are limited on some of the plugins but that might protect you as well. but all the plugins like woo commerce, toptomize, and rank math they installed perfectly fine.

But the best part in my mind is this little thing this live boat chat which is accessible to you not only from the Elementor site setting but also from the website/ WordPress you can do Elementor Livechat, and it will soon solve your problems.

As I said the main beauty is the live chat it usually takes around 1 to 3 minutes for someone to reply sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes within 10 seconds and a person will speak and give a solution to you.

No Matter what you do to your website, you can always reach directly to Elementor Live chat Support team from your wordpress dashboard only.

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Elementor Cloud Review: Final Words

In this Elementor Cloud Review, so, my final words are is Elementor Cloud good, or is Elementor Cloud bad?

You might have known much about Elementor Cloud in this post of Elementor Cloud Review.

Elementor Cloud is an excellent affordable option for beginners and even Pros as I mention.

This includes some big names like the new york times, time magazine, Spotify newsroom, and a whole bunch of other big websites all use WordPress.

So, WordPress is pretty much the standard And WordPress’s main Page Builder is Elementor Pro, Which you get with Elementor cloud.

Plans pack quite a powerful combination of features and tools for the price of only $50 dollar a year of google Elementor cloud Hosting and $49 a year of Elementor Pro.

You can get two website builders included to create your site with.

The performances and support are also solid. Sure there are a few bumps here and there, but in my humble opinion, Elementor Cloud Hosting is good or can say great choice!

So What is it now? You are a judge, review your business goals, and find the best Cloud Hosting & Page Builder for your Website goals.

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