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Email Marketing for Free for Beginners (Free Course)

Did you know that for every single dollar you invest in Email Marketing you get back in return at least $38 to $40. So, with free also you can earn a lot therefore we bring you Email Marketing for Free for beginners free course

Email Marketing for Free

If you don’t believe this go now to and search for: “Email Marketing ROI” and see it by yourself

In this Article/Blog, in this mini-course, I will cover the Email Marketing strategy and How to Start? and Where to Start?

Everything you have to know as a beginner in Email Marketing in this blog stay tuned and follow up with me.

Hi, everyone I am Mudassir from Visblues and I really don’t want to waste your time.

So, let’s start directly and see what is email marketing but before this bear, with me, I have one small point to mention

Number one I have a Email Marketing for Free totally free Email Marketing for free ebook (You can download it for free).

What is Email Marketing?

So, What is Email Marketing let’s make things really super simple Email Marketing is simply sending emails to a bunch of people so, sending bulk emails to specific people.

Email Marketing is simply is a type of Digital Marketing so you have a service, you have a product, you have a website.

Whatever you have you need to market and promote this something this service.

So, email marketing is simple, we do something called build email lists which means simply collect emails of people and certain niches or topics.

Then, we send those people emails promoting our service or linking to our website to get more traffic.

Your Goal is simply to get traffic to your website or your blog or increase your sales or simply promote anything.

That’s it, so simple so super easy now.

Breif :-We have emails we send messages to those people in order to get traffic or increase our sales

Types of Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Free

Now, when it comes to sending emails and email marketing we have mainly 3/Three types of Email marketing.

You have to know which one you are!

Three Types of Email Marketing:-(All are Email Marketing for Free)

  • Bulk Mailers Spam
  • Cold Mailers
  • Traditional Email Marketing

1) Bulk Mailers Spam:-

Number 1/one are those people who send bulk emails over the internet promoting affiliate links, Cpa links, and so on

Email Marketing for Free

Those are bulk mailers and are considered as “Spammers” spammers.

This type of Email Marketers buy Email lists or scrap Email lists or collect emails from here and there

Then start sending emails, promotional emails to people who didn’t subscribe to their list.

So, it mean those people didn’t allow them to send them emails so, those type of emails marketer are consider mostly named spammers.

2) Cold Mailers:-

Cold Email Marketing or Cold Email Marketers here we send emails to people who are not our subscribers. This also Email Marketing for Free

But, we are no spamming them so, it’s somehow different than bulk mailing the first type we are not promoting affiliate links and so on directly

We are sending targeted emails to specific people to open a relation or conversation with them.

So, we can later promote something or maybe ask for something.

In this blog I don’t cover Cold email marketing, it’s somehow a different topic.

We are going to cover a separate blog or course on our website Visblues so turn on notification and don’t forget to subscribe. Anyway…

3)Traditional Email Marketing

This third type, Which is our main goal here in this blog or Simply Email Marketing or what I called legal email marketers.

Those marketers simply, They collect email legally. don’t worry all this is Email Marketing for Free.

They have a website or maybe they promote something and people subscribe to their email list so, people allowed them to send emails to

So, Few Questions you may be thinking! Right?

  • How does it work?
  • How does Email Marketing work?
  • What are the steps to being a successful Email marketer?

Let’s see together in short we have three main steps!

Step 1:- Build your Email list

Number one, which is obvious, is to build your email list is to have a list of emails to send messages to.

What you have to know is that those emails those people must be targetted.

Offcourse you don’t want to send emails promoting fitness products to people who are investing in Bitcoin or Crypto or Nft Or meta verse (In most of the cases).

In other words, you have to send to people who are interested in your products your services and your content, it’s obvious.

Step 2:- Send Emails

Step Number two is Simple to Send Emails is to set up the system or the service, the email marketing service,

Write down your email templates, whatever and start sending your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Step 3:- Analyze and Optimize

Step Number three which is also very important is to Analyze your campaigns.

Is to study what’s happening how many people are opening your emails the open rate, how many people are clicking, how many people are purchasing your products, the conversation rate, and so on

In this way, you can understand what’s working for you, what’s not working, and how to improve your campaigns.

I know each of these steps requires maybe a full course on:-

  • How to build email lists?
  • How to set up campaigns?
  • How to write the perfect Emails?
  • How to analyze the campaigns and test, and so on.

Don’t worry I will cover everything here on my blog one by one please some patience.

But, now in this small course in this mini-course let’s get the concepts and see how things work.

In general later on when you want to follow up with me in the advanced tutorials you must have the concept and the basics and this is what I am showing you in this small course,

How to collect email?

Simple when you want to collect emails you need something to give in exchange for an email address.

Let’s make things simple and clear look.

Some of the different sources of Collecting Emails.(Email Marketing for Free)

  • A Form on your Website – (A simple pop-up while reading the article which is a signup process it should be easy and with necessary information)
  • Link to Form in your signatures.
  • Social Media- Forms on pages (Sign up Option on Facebook page or other media)
  • Offer Freebies- Concept of Lead Magnet for collecting relevant emails.
  • Facebook ads(lead generation ads) Or other ads ( like Microsoft or Google ads).

A form on your website:-

Email Marketing for Free

A very basic form on your website, when people will come to your website.

Can be like floating from a floating button to anyone coming on to that page then a pop-up and putting their emails or information, clicking on the button.

It tells you to subscribe to my newsletter to my email list so add the necessary information, you should mention why you are collecting their emails.

So, once you collect their email you are ready to go,

Link to Form in your signatures;-

You can put your form link into your emails, you can also put your form link into your telegram group also your WhatsApp.

Social media:-

There are different options on social media pages, so one of them is the Facebook page, create a signup button, and boom collecting emails.

What is Lead Magnet?

What is a lead magnet in email marketing Simply when you want to collect emails you need a lead magnet you need something to give in exchange for an email address.

As I give course(Email Marketing for Free) and or a Email Marketing for Free Ebook you will see it maybe on this page or something else.

You need to enter your email and you get the Email Marketing for Free Ebook so, in this way, I capture your email and I will give you this valuable Ebook this free Ebook.

This is called a lead magnet, giving something an ebook a course, software maybe a guide whatever you want to give for free maybe a tutorial anything.

And you can capture emails in return and build your email list so this is how things work.

Mainly to build your email list using a lead magnet like an ebook or simply use an opt-in form as I showed you.

For beginners What to do?

Now, you may ask me, I am a beginner and I don’t have an ebook or something to give.

Small tips for you:-

You can go to the website where you can download free Ebooks with licensing so you can distribute for free.

You have the right to distribute. it’s called PLR sites let’s say PLR ebook

You’ll find a lot of websites like this here you can see free products, the free ebook you can go and download any ebook you want.

You can see a lot of guides here tutorials any ebook you can download them.

I prefer you edit them and do your own styling, your own touches on the ebook and then give and then build your email list by providing ebooks and more.

Canva for Ebook Editing!

Email Marketing for Free

Now, in case, I use to build ebooks

The ultimate email guide and the power of email ebook like one (Email Marketing for Free) you can see here in All your folders.

You can create all these ebooks from scratch on canva by the way canva is really very powerful it helps you a lot to build an ebook you can see that canva is really awesome and have much more.

Best Email Marketing Platform Sender and Software

Email Marketing for Free

All of the below are Email Marketing for Free platform and also best marketing emails platform!

Email providers:-

  • Constant Contact
  • EngageBay
  • MailChimp
  • GMass
  • DeBounce
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Sendinblue
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • Mailer lite
  • AWeber
  • and a few more like Gmass etc.

Pretty much all email marketing providers are so-called SaaS companies, meaning they charge for their service on a monthly or yearly basis.

The amount you have to pay normally depends on how many contacts you have on your email list, so, the larger the email list the more you have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

The only exception to this pricing model is Sendinblue, it charges on how many emails you send out per month rather than how many contacts you have on your email.

So, this provider Sendinblue might be interesting to you if you already have a large email list but you send out relatively few emails.

Can visit our blogs:- Visblues all of the above emails blog available or not most.

Many providers give free trials once you go over that contact limit you will have to choose one of their paid plans:-

Constant Contact

Email Marketing for Free
  • 2 months Free trial
  • Upto 100 daily free email
  • Send up to 9,000 emails a month

Constant Contact is a platform that is designed to help you with email marketing. 

It comes with automation and you can personalize your emails which would help you to increase your conversion rate.

It also provides features such as a website builder, E-Commerce tools, and logo design assistance. This would help you in website management

With Constant Contact, you can choose your plan according to your need:-

Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp

The plans that are offered by Constant Contact are mainly 3:

The Free Plan Starts at $0.00 Per Month.

The Core plan starts at $9.99 per month.

The Plus Plan starts at $45 per month..

However, the price of each package goes up as the number of subscribers increases.

Constant Contact provides you with Mobile-friendly Email templates which would make it easier for your audience to access your message anywhere and with any device.

Constant Contact has a great support team so you don’t get stuck up. Also, it provides you with a good deliverability rate and a wide variety of ready-to-use templates.

Constant Contact is the most suitable for small businesses that are just getting started as it is a very simple tool that is easy to use and provides you with such tools that would help you to increase your conversion rates.

The pre-made templates make your job easier and with the drag and drop feature you can design your emails in a suitable manner

Also, it has great levels of support and security.

You must check it out by yourself as it has a free trial of 60 days.

This will help you to decide whether it is a good fit for your business or not.


this tool has got so many features inside of it 

It’s basically putting all of the separate tools that you would normally have to have inside of a business and putting them in one 

Free (Engagebay)

Price- $0 per user/month

So, for the Free, we have,

  • Thousand contacts 
  • Thousand Branded Emails

Basic (Engagebay)

Price- $11.99 per user/month

So, for the Basic we have-

  • 15000 Contact
  • 10000 Brannded Email

Growth (Engagebay)

Price- $39.99 per user/month

So, for the Growth we have-

  • 50000 Contact
  • 25000 Branded Emails

Pro (Engagebay)

Price- $79.99 per user/month

When it comes to the Pricing and discuss various plans that it is extremely affordable 

Especially if you are currently having multiple subscriptions to multiple different tools.

So that was EngageBay I hope you liked it for me this tool is revolutionary it has pretty much taken on the big players in the market so I am very very stock with it.

I may personally use it a lot more with my marketing agency just because everything is kept in-house.

You can literally send emails from within the platform as well as SMS creates dates calendars you can integrate it with zero and all of your other integration platforms as well absolute incredible

To top it all use EngageBay Free CRM To Stay Organized, 

EngageBay does all this without burning a hole in your pocket in fact it is the world’s number one(1) Affordable All-In-One CRM Software

From Identifying new opportunities to delivering customer happiness use EngageBay to collaborate and also work as one team, focused around happy customers.

EngageBay is loved by thousands of small and also growing businesses all over the world.

So, What are you waiting for Sign up now to Boost your Productivity and Grow like never before.


If the talk about the plans offered by Mailchimp in detail, then:

Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp
  • Have a free trial
  • Send up to 2000 emails.

The Free Plan This plan allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month.


Gmass is quite popular and effective, however, Gmass Pricing it could be a little bit expensive so we have provided you with its alternatives as well.

It may be hard for you to decide which one to go with as everybody has different requirements and should choose their mail merge tool accordingly. 

Almost all of these tools offer a free trial. You can try any of the tools you like, and if you are satisfied, you can buy its premium subscription.

Gmass Pricing:

The standard package ($19.95/month).

The Premium Package ($29.95/month).

The Enterprise Package ($49.95/month).

However,  also depend on whether you’re paying as an individual, a team, and the team’s size. 

For example, the premium plan can cost you $29.95/month for individuals and $125/month for a group of five users.

As  Gmass is extremely strict about data protection, and the fact that Gmail has verified GMass, it’s safe to say that GMass is perfectly safe to use.

However, if you still have reservations about GMass or Gmass Pricing, there are alternatives to this tool.

Creating effective mass email campaigns is both an art and a science. 

As you work on different campaigns, you will find that you need to go through a lot of trial and error before you figure out which ones are the most effective. 

DeBounce Email

Email Marketing for Free

Debounce is among the most reliable and also cost-effective email address verification services. 

It also provides an email validation accuracy of 96.5%, which can bring great confidence to all validated email addresses. 

The prices are less expensive compared to various other applications available in the market.

DeBounce Email Pricing

Only pay for what you use, no overages, buy only what you need and also your credit will never expire

Starting From: $10.00 one-time pricing Model: Flat Rate

  • Yes, has free trial
  • Yes, has free version

PRICING DETAILS (Provided by Vendor):

$10 for 5K validations, and also for cheap price $1500 for 5M validations

The DeBounce Email also validates 10,000 email addresses for $15.

DeBounce Emil list cleaning service also allows you to upload and verify lists of email addresses quickly and securely. 

Without sending emails and also Cleans your list by detecting invalid, spammy, or non-operational mailboxes.

They make sure that no one on your list receives an unsolicited email during validation.

The result is a clean email list you can use effectively in your marketing campaign, 

Therefore choosing DeBounce Email is the best choice one can make.


Email Marketing for Free

GetResponse has four pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse

Next to that contact limit most of the free plans also limit the amount of features you can use, so, that eventually, you will become a paying customer.

However, in my opinion, there are some very attractive and capable free plans that you will be able to use which were above.

You can use all these options to create a signup form, building landing pages, and send out email broadcasts.

GetResponse is the perfect fit for small businesses, especially the new ones, as it provides you with multiple tools that you would need; all in one place.

It provides you with email marketing tools, e-commerce, sales funnels, landing pages, webinars, live chats, and automation; making it even budget-friendly.

In case you get stuck somewhere, you can always avail the help of experts.

However, the help section is likely to provide answers for most of your queries but if in case you don’t find your answers, you can anytime make use of the live chat on which you get responses 24/7.

The growth of the business can not only come with great content. You must use the tools in order to boost growth. And deciding the right email marketing tool is another important factor as they should suit your budget in order to make profits.

GetResponse mostly consists of customers from small to medium-sized businesses and heavily from the Marketing & Advertising industry.

The visual campaign builder of GetResponse helps you to build even complex campaigns quite easily.

The templates offered are pretty good for any topic so you don’t have to worry or don’t even have to start anything from the scratch.

GetResponse has also added the free forever plans in their options.

Active campaigns

Email Marketing for Free

ActiveCampaign has created a category of its own. It can be used for many different activities like email marketing, customer care, automation, and so on.

You can save time and automate a lot of activities. They are the best email-forwarded CRM system that’s made to create a converting funnel instead of just a way to contact your customers.

It can prove to be helpful even to small business owners who need tools to support growth.

You don’t have to be super tech-savvy for this. The number of resources that are available is actually worth the cost. Active Campaign is very user-friendly.

Active Campaigns Pricing


$29/ Month paid Annually


$49/Month paid Annually


$149/Month paid Annually


It is pretty intuitive to use and has guides to walk you through processes step-by-step. Active Campaign is very user-friendly.

Let’s customize the plan that’s right for you.

It is pretty intuitive to use and has guides to walk you through processes step-by-step. 

The automation possibilities within ActiveCampaign are really endless and so it is hard to find something that you cannot automate with their automation feature.

ActiveCampaign would be a really good option for you if you are focusing heavily on email marketing by giving your customers the most customized email journey possible.

ActiveCampaign allows you to segment your subscribers by giving them different tags based on how they have interacted with your content.

This is how you can increase your open rates and delivery rates and it is a better experience for your subscribers.

Some more like Sendinblue, Convertkit, mailerlit and Aweber.


  • Have a free account
  • Send daily 300 emails per day
  • Send up to 9000 a month


Email Marketing for Free


Email Marketing for Free

Mailer Lite

Email Marketing for Free

Write the perfect email

We are going to cover this in this part, Simply we are going to write the perfect email.

I will show you a real case example and I will explain a simple rule to follow when you write any email.

I will try my best to make it so simple in this couple of minutes. not waste time and start together.

The T-C-P-A-R-S Rule

Email Marketing for Free

Don’t be confused it is so simple, so what is T?

T:- Simple it’s the target the first thing is to set the target it’s very important, it’s very important.

C:- This means the Callout it’s like the subject line you need to catch the attention, it’s the first fly in the message. (If it’s boring if it’s not getting attention they will leave a message.)

P:- It’s the personal connection, here you need to show some emotions so contact personally with them.

A:- Authority, what is authority? What is Authority, you need to show them authority, you show them that we can help them.

R:- What is R? Reciprocity you need to make them feel that you owe them something, (What are you all going to give them? What is the solution?) simply, very nice!

S:- The last thing is social proof this is also very important, you are going to add social proof with screenshots using images.

Land Email in InBox Final!(Conclusion)

Now, how to ensure no complaint rate or 0% complaint rate, target the correct people, specific target, and ensure to write a perfect email, So, all Email Marketing for Free.

Can visit our blogs:- Visblues all of the above emails blog available or most.

So, which mail marketing tool have you decided to use for your business?

Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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