EngageBay Review: Everything You Have To Know!

This Blog will help you understand all the features in Engagebay that it offers as integrated marketing, sales, and service automation platform along with live chats.

In the last few years, the buying pattern of customers have changed a bite the internet and social media have become major influences as well.

Thousands and thousands of new marketing tools have come up to help companies use these opportunities to market better.

But here’s the problem this has resulted in an explosion of tools there are just too many.

According to a survey today’s marketers are using around 10 to 12 marketing applications on daily basis.

imagine managing so many apps multiple logins user interfaces, customer data, integrations, reporting, customer support, billing, account reps.

Huh, it’s so tiring jiggling that many systems are also challenging and inefficient.

The worst part is you still miss the endo in view of the customer and marketing making it harder to measure ROI or efficiency.

Should it be so complicated? NO

Today we are going to talk about a very simple integrated and affordable all-in-one marketing, sales, and support platform.

What is Engagebay


EnagageBay is an All-In-One Marketing, sales, support, and CRM software that is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses

An integrated and simple to use all-in-one marketing platform, Enagagebay puts all proven marketing technologies in one place and is the right size for the needs of small businesses

It has Seo tools to optimize your website run email marketing campaigns create emails sequences and track customer behavior and design tools for creating beauitful forms and landing pages.

Acquire enagage and transform website visitors to customers with their array of features that you are going to see basically.

Key Benefit of Engagebay!


Engagebay offers a free CRM and social media suit in its free version, I started using this tool in the last few days, and I’m literally blown away by the features that it offers in the free version.

EngageBay. Simple but powerful all-in-one marketing sales and support CRM for growing businesses and companies.

This tool in the very free version offers Email Marketing.

You can also track customer analytics and social media marketing campaigns all from one simple and easy-to-use platform to fit the budgets of small businesses

Engagebay’s super affordable it’s cost less than 1$ a day

So, what are you waiting for signup for free today and experience the power of an all-in-one Marketing Platform

Jump-starts your marketing and grow your revenue today Engagebay’s.

How it works is that they have an inbuilt CRM that allows businesses to manage and track all activities across customers leads and deals as they go through pipelines

Engagebay Pricing

Lets’s Go Quickly over the Engagebay Pricing

So as you can see they have 3 different plans for their all in one, which has all the anonymities

  • We have the Free
  • Have the Basic
  • And also have the Growth
  • And we also have the pro

The reason being is that they are Extremely Affordable versus their Competitors, you can start at Zero Dollars( EngageBay Free).

To even get all in one package and basically what it’s going to allow you to do is get all the basic sort of tools Email Marketing AutoResponder all the sort of good stuff.

If you However want things like landing pages Sms marketing all the sort of good stuff you are going to need to upgrade to the basics.

I think the most lucrative for me, My ideal would be the Growth plan because it offers you everything you need and it’s still reasonably priced for your small to medium-size business

So let’s look at what they offer.

Free (Engagebay)

Price- $0 per user/month

So, for the Free, we have,

  • Thousand contacts
  • Thousand Branded Emails

Also, the Free has-

  • Email Marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Broadcast
  • Sequences
  • Lead Grabbers
  • Landing Pages
  • CRM
  • Help Desk
  • Live Chat.

Basic (Engagebay)

Price- $11.99 per user/month

So, for the Basic we have-

  • 15000 Contact
  • 10000 Brannded Email

With the Basic has-

  • Email Templates
  • Web Pop-ups
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Lead Scoring
  • SMS Marketing
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Social Suite
  • Tag Manager

Growth (Engagebay)

Price- $39.99 per user/month

So, for the Growth we have-

  • 50000 Contact
  • 25000 Branded Emails

With the Growth has-

  • Marketing Automation
  • Push Notifications
  • Site Messages
  • Broadcast A/B Testing
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Custom Domain
  • Call Records
  • Service Automation
  • Products
  • Proposals

Pro (Engagebay)

Price- $79.99 per user/month

So, for the Pro we have-

  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Analytics
  • Proposal Analytics
  • SSO
  • Role Management
  • Goals
  • Custom Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Uptime SLA
  • Phone Support

So, that’s what comes with the Different Packages, So you could see what fits for your businesses.

Your Business type and what its needs, If there only a specific Skills you want from EnagageBay you can choose to only get a package from that.

So, if all you want marketing, they have packages that just offers the tools for Marketing and they also have the CRM and Sales Bay

I think they are individual software that offers that specialized with marketing or the sales bay.

I think ( What Makes Enagagebay Special?

Is that it has all of these in one


We are here on the dashboard so-

They do separate the different features they have into the different categories they have the Marketing, they have the Sales, they have the Service and they have the Live Chats.

So here you have Contact Forms, Landing Pages, Templates, and Campaign.

Features of Engagebay Marketing


I will take you to almost every feature, how they work and how they are beneficial for you and for your business.

Let starts with the Marketing Dashboard Synthesis

Marketing Dashboard synthesis

So they offer you a place to put your contact and create a list

  • Automation
  • Calling
  • Company Management
  • Contact Management
  • Deal Management
  • Email Broadcast
  • Email Sequence
  • Forms
  • Email Template Builder
  • Help Desk
  • Landing Pages
  • Live Chat
  • MIlestone Tracking
  • Calender
  • Products
  • Proposal
  • Push Notifications
  • Segmentation
  • Site Messaging
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Social Post Scheduling
  • Social Suite
  • Sticky Bars
  • Task Management
  • Team Management
  • Video Templates
  • Web Analytics
  • A/b Landing Pages
  • Custom Reporting
  • Workflows

Alternative of Engagebay

Get Response

GetResponse has powerful email marketing software that lets you build and send professional emails to your audience. 

Constant Contact

In these, we are going to Reviews for Constant Contact
So, As one of the biggest email marketing tools in the world with millions of users, Constant Contact must be doing something right.. right?

Mail Chimp vs Constant Contact

When it comes to importing the  Constant, to your platform, both the tools perform slightly differently than one another.

Mailchimp is quite simple to use and allows you to add your contacts one by one, however, in all this, it can be slightly confusing for the users.

In past, I’ve used in addition to Enagagebay I’ve used Infusion soft and Getresponse they’re both excellent products in their own right.

Mainly because of cost in a startup, so I couldn’t afford the luxury of very high monthly fees with Infusionsoft and Getresponse.

EngageBay is an All-In-One CRM Software

EnagageBay is All-In-One CRM Software with the most affordable price and some other Major Features in Brief.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Send Engaging Emails and Its popular features-

  • Automate Emails
  • Email Sequences
  • Advanced TEmplates
  • Personlise Emails

Web Forms

Captures lead with EnagageBay Customizable forms and also Its popular features-

  • Pre-defined popups
  • Exit Popups
  • Advanced Form settings
  • Time based popuups

Landing Pages Templates

Beautiful Landing Pages to Boost Conversions and its Popular features-

  • A/b Landing Pages
  • Advanced Builder
  • 100+ and more Free Templates
  • Custom Domain

Nurturing Audience Automatically

Effortlessly nurture your Audience with Email Marketing Automation and also its popular features-

  • SMS Campaigns
  • Web Engagement
  • Lead Scoring
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns


Automate other Routine and Manual Tasks and their Popular features-

  • Autoresponders
  • Automate Task Creation
  • Lead Score
  • SMS Automation

Enagagebay is an All-In-One- CRM Software with the most affordable price and some other Major Features in Brief.

All in one Marketing Platform(EngageBay)

EnagageBay your social media audiences like a Pro and also its Popular Features-

  • ScheduleBulk SMS MarketigTicket
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Sequences

Site Messaging

Site Messaging it’s heeded up with your site visitors in real-time at the exact moment and also its Popular Features-

  • Unlimited Site Messages
  • Template Customisation
  • Show Based on Vistor Activity
  • Position Setup

SMS Marketing

Automate your SMS Marketing and also its Popular Features-

  • Voice SMS
  • SMS Integration
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Send Bulk SMS

EngageBay Intelligent Push Notication

It’s Authorizes you to engage Customers anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, and also their Popular Features-

  • Show Visitor Activity Based
  • Customisable Template
  • Set Rule Based
  • Unlimited Push Notifications

EnagageBay Video Marketing Templates

It allows you to Creates Visually Rich Video Templates and also their Popular Features

  • Unlimited Video Templates
  • Record & Send
  • Send from Gmail
  • Upload Own video

Onboarding EngageBay is actually quite fun they have a very diverse team of support people who are contactable just by clicking a blue button at the bottom screen

It literally has so many different features and you would think the quality would be diminished having this many features but it really isn’t it’s a very powerful tool.

So I was Extremely impressed

EngageBay Deliver Great Costumer Expreience

EngageBay Deliver Great Customer Experience across all your teams by keeping the customer at the center of your business

With EngageBay you can:-

  • Market Better
  • Sell Faster
  • Support Smarter

All from a Single Platform,

Marketing Bay

Use Marketing Bay to capture leads on your website with cool web pop-ups and also landing pages to automate your marketing process visually.

Send Personalized emails, Manage social media and ads send engaging push notifications, and also much more

Sales Bay

Use sales bay to reach out to your leads make Calls and Send Emails directly send follow-up messages based on user behavior track leads visually and close deals faster

Support Bay

Use Support Bay to Turn Customers into Brand ambassadors using a sophisticated live chat helpdesk and also a powerful knowledge base

Final Thoughts ( Conclusion)

Okay so that was EngageBay as you can see, this tool has got so many features inside of it

It’s basically putting all of the separate tools that you would normally have to have inside of a business and putting them in one

As you can see at the very beginning of the blog we when to the Pricing and discuss various plans that it is extremely affordable

Especially if you are currently having multiple subscriptions to multiple different tools.

So that was EngageBay I hope you liked it for me this tool is revolutionary it has pretty much taken on the big players in the market so I am very very stock with it.

I may personally use it a lot more with my marketing agency just because everything is kept in-house.

You can literally send emails from within the platform as well as SMS creates dates calendars you can integrate it with zero and all of your other integration platforms as well absolute incredible

To top it all use EngageBay Free CRM To Stay Organized,

EngageBay does all this without burning a hole in your pocket in fact it is the world’s number one(1) Affordable All-In-One CRM Software

From Identifying new opportunities to delivering customer happiness use EngageBay to collaborate and also work as one team, focused around happy customers.

EngageBay is loved by thousands of small and also growing businesses all over the world.

So, What are you waiting for Sign up now to Boost your Productivity and Grow like never before

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