Envato Market full review

Why Envato Market is so good: All you need to know

As you work online, you would probably need something to help you with your digital projects. Here Envato Market…

Envato Market

Here’s Envato Market to help you with your digital projects as one of the biggest online providers of digital assets.

Over the past few years, Envato Marketing has been expanding its operations and has launched a freelancing marketplace, online tutorials, website builder and courses service, etc. So, what is Envato Marketing?

Envato Market

What is Envato Market?

Envato Market is a company that has been formed in the year 2006 in Australia. As it is one of the biggest marketplaces for digital assets in the whole world, the EnvatoMarketplace provides seven major asset directories:








Features of Envato Market

Community recommendations

Envato Element

Envato Market helps you to solve your problems with its supportive community. You can do so by reaching out to others using Envato Tuts+, which is a platform that gives access to more than 20,000 how-to tutorials.

You can work alone, in your own comfort, and create designs without reaching out to customer support.

In-app messaging

This feature of Envato Market helps you to connect with the professionals as they are the ones creating the content for you. you can discuss the project thoroughly, set deadlines for your freelancers. 

This feature is also helpful if you want to exchange important files with the other party. 

– This paragraph is from Visblues

Tools for Project management

Project management is very important as it allows you to review, approve or even reject projects. It allows you to ensure that the quality of your work is always maintained throughout the entire process. 

Envato provides you with project management tools that allow you to collaborate with other people.

Benefits of Envato Market

Access to unlimited content:

Envato Market gives you access to unlimited photos, audios, fonts, and templates beyond that which can be found on Google. 

An interface easy to navigate

Users have appreciated the interface of Envato’s platform. You can post the project quickly and easily, without any hassle. You get to decide the deadline and the time to post the project.

Envato Market elements assets

The Envato Market, Marketplace sells the products individually. The prices of the products are set by the asset author, however, Envato takes a fee for allowing the author to sell on their platform.

But, if you keep purchasing digital assets regularly for your project, your expenses are going to quickly rack up.

Instead of paying for each item individually, here comes into the picture EnvatoElements which is a subscription-based service that gives you access to a huge digital asset archive for just $16.50 per month.


How the licensing works

Envato Market

As soon as you purchase a product, you acquire the right to use that for 1 project. In case you wish to re-use the product, you will have to re-license it.

What you get includes a license directly from the author to use that item. Items are subject to specific terms of use, and these terms are the ‘license’ that we set on Envato Market.

Suppose there is an image you have already used in a project and now you wish to use it in another project, in order to use that you will have to register and download that image again.

If you are delivering an end product to a client, then you will need to provide the client with a “Sublicense”.


You cannot re-sell or re-distribute assets. Envato Elements also discourages the members from using the assets as a basis for merchandising 

Without modifying them for adding any extra value to the product.

Lastly, you cannot create a trademark or copyright claim over items used in your projects as it is not your intellectual property.

Content removal

In case of violation of license terms or a copyright takedown notice, your content can be removed with reasonable discretion.

In order to avoid this, stick to the guidelines and make it a point to follow them.

Do you know how many premium WordPress themes are available at this moment in Envato Market

Not hundred. not thousand. but the Envato market has 50000! Yes, you read it right.

It showcases products from top-rated developers with lifetime updates and customer support.

Envato with 8k premium plugins, nearly 50k premium themes, and many others. Envato is the largest WordPress website owner.

Many online marketplaces require an annual payment to receive regular updates. However, in Envato Market, all themes and plugins come with lifetime updates. 

Therefore, you can use the product forever with a one-time investment.

End of subscription

You can continue to use those products that have a registered license even when you have stopped paying for the subscription.

Suppose there is an audio file that you have used in a video, however, you have stopped paying for a subscription. 

The audio file, however, stays in the video that you have used, however, if you want to use that audio file in another video, then you won’t be able to do so.

In order to use that audio file again in another video, you will have to register and for this purpose, you will need the subscription. 

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Envato different options

Envato opens up a world of creative possibilities for every design project. Our subscription, powered by a community of talented designers, makes great designs available to everyone.

1) EnvatoElements

The unlimited creative subscription. Millions of creative assets, at one low cost

2) EnvatoMarket

Find the perfect asset from the world’s leading creative marketplace

3) PlaceitbyEnvato

Create mockups, logos, social posts, and videos in seconds


If you are doing an online business whether freelancing, creating YouTube videos, or even blogging and your business wants to push out content that is both creative and personal, then you should consider Envato Market. 

  • With powerful solutions and strong community feedback, it will prove to be a very good tool for your use.
  • At the end of the day, Envato Market focuses primarily on ensuring users can reach their creative and artistic potential. 
  • However, if you are still unsure about Envato Market, you can surf its website for free to find out whether it is actually worth it or not.
  • You can however register for their free account in which you get 12 files monthly for free.

So, are you going to buy it? Or have you used it before? How has your experience been so far? Let me know everything in the comments section below. 

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