Grammarly Review

Grammarly Review: Is the Subscription Worth it? Premium User’s Perspective

If you have ever written a blog post, you may have somehow left out single commas and misspelled words during the review process.

The grammatical error in a blog post is one of the fastest ways to stop readers from reading your content and move on to other content (and elsewhere).

You can review for an hour and even someone can do it for you, but the reality is that you are just a human being and you will make even the most stupid mistakes.

My mother tongue is not English, which makes me pay special attention to grammar and spelling when writing in English. Therefore, when I found Grammarly, I immediately decided to give it a try.

I started using the free version for the first time and it was impressive, even with its limitations.

But for this Grammarly review, I will be discussing the advanced version, which will allow you to experience all the capabilities of Grammarly.

Grammarly Free OR Premium

Grammarly also offers free and premium versions. The following image explains the difference between the two Grammarly plans.

From a pricing perspective, Grammarly is a bargain for people who write a lot. You can prepay for a year and get a professional account for just $ 11.66 per month. In the image below, you can see Grammarly’s premium plans and pricing:

Should you get the Grammarly Subscription?

As writers and bloggers, we always strive for nearly perfect articles and blog posts.

However, no one is a “perfect” writer, and we need all the help we can get.

Grammarly makes writing easy by providing the most accurate and useful corrections that we may have missed. Although it should not determine your writing style, Grammarly is a useful guide to improve your writing and proofreading skills.

Great Writing,

Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant.

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How and why Grammarly can help you

Grammarly is a comprehensive, advanced spelling and grammar checker that can be integrated with almost anything you write online.

Typing into any text editor field on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or email will trigger the tool by highlighting any errors in real-time.

For example, I wrote this in WordPress, and when I typed, the red line appeared below the text fragment where the error was found.

To check what they are, I just hover over them to see the instructions and suggested corrections.

Grammarly Grammar checker

You can do this while typing, or you can wait until you have finished typing.

If you prefer the latter method, you can find the Grammarly icon in the lower right corner of the WordPress text editor and click on it to see all the suggested fixes for the entire article.


In the above example, I choose to check a finished product.

As you can see, Grammarly is more than just correcting spelling errors. You can also get a contextual spell checker.

This means it can pick up common confusing words, such as your versus them or which versus witch. Traditional spell checkers cannot detect these contextual errors.

Grammarly will also check for prolonged and incorrect use of modifiers, incorrect use of articles, the passive voice, and other grammar mistakes and problems.

Another cool feature is vocabulary enhancement, which suggests synonyms for words that appear multiple times throughout the article.

If you feel that there is nothing wrong with a phrase, sentence, or word, and you are sure that it does not violate basic grammar rules, then you can keep it as is.

In the example below, it is recommended to correct the phrase “about this”, which has a clear reference point in the context of the sentence.

Since this specific wording is necessary to complete my sentence, and I can be sure I am referring to the pop-up box in the sentence above, I can safely ignore the suggestion.


Is Grammarly 100% Accurate?

When you use this tool for the first time, it is easy to think that you should accept all the suggestions (especially if you are not a native English writer).

But this is not always the case.

You have to understand the rules before you can break them.

Do you use Grammarly? What is your experience with this tool? Want to share grammar comments with us?

Tell me in the comments below!

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