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How To Create A Blog Post in 10 Minutes: Jasper AI!😊 [FREE]

If you don’t like writing articles, or you don’t have the time to do so, or you don’t have the money to hire writers, that’s fine, Here we will talk about how to use Jasper AI and write Post in 10 Minutes.

Because today in this article I will show you step by step how to craft and write the best article in a couple of minutes and for free,

And even if you aren’t perfect in English like me, this article will definitely help you so keep reading!

1. Create A New Empty Post

Step one is to create a new empty post.

If you are within WordPress, head to post > add a new > and open a new post.

Jasper AI

If you are on Blogger or WordPress, simply open a new empty document to compose your content.

Step two is to select the topic title and target keyword for your post. For example, in my instance,

I will be writing about affiliate marketing recommendations, thus this is the topic of my article. “Affiliate Marketing Tools”

2. Creating Your Title For The Blog Post

The second step is to create a title for your post, so we need to enter a title for our blog post.

You have to inspire your audience! promise that you will provide value. Be sure to write a title and subheading that tells the reader why they need to spend time reading the content.

Now, of course, you can sit down and think of a catchy title that is optimized for SEO but to make it easy for you

You can use tools like blog ideas generator or ai-title generator you can do this with your own idea and search on google or somewhere.

(ai-title generator example)

As you can see, this free tool provided us with 5 catchy titles and all I had to do was type in “affiliate marketing”

All you have to do is click generate again to get different results

Although it is a youtube title generator it will help you a lot with creating a good title for your blog post.

Don’t worry, here are some tips for creating your title.

  • Keep It short, simple, and to the point.
  • Be clear about the main benefit of clicking on your title!
  • Tell your audience what to do!
  • Add numbers and symbols
  • Appeal to your reader’s hunger for information
  • Announce exciting information

To create the most valuable information resource, you should take a look at the best content that is out there and create an even better one with better examples, and better guidelines and that blog post will work for years.

There’s an awesome free tool to analyze your headlines by coschedule.com “blog post headline analyzer” you can check it out. You can do this with your own idea and search on google or somewhere.

Focus Keyword ( Like our Jasper AI😊)

What is the focus keyword? It is simply the keyword we are going to be targeting with SEO

Let me explain it in simple terms!

If you go to google.com and let’s say for example you search “affiliate marketing tips” this is called a keyword that people are searching for.

You will see a list of articles that you will want to rank on the top of the Google page for this specific keyword

Jasper AI

As you can see the search volume is 320

Now to see the competition I will copy this keyword and go to Ubersuggest’s tool

As you can see, the SEO difficulty is 73 which is not a good difficulty for small websites but I will still write my blog post on this keyword for this example.

I chose affiliate marketing tips as my focus keyword so now I will have to optimize my title based on it

3. Creating An Outline For Your Blog

So, you have created a title for your blog, you know what keyword you are going to be targeting.

The next step is to create an outline of your blog post, to do this I will go to AI Article Outline Generator and type in “affiliate marketing tips” you can do this with your own idea and search on google or somewhere.

You can also do this with Jasper Ai really easily but I will get into that later

That’s how easy it is to generate headings for your blog post, you can press generate again to get more subheadings

Now, I will simply copy it and add it to my blog post and write a blog based on those subheadings

The last paragraph can be your conclusion/summary of your post

So, now we have our title, We have our subheadings but we still need to generate actual content for our blog post.

This is where Jasper AI comes in big time

It will help us generate top-notch unique content for our blog posts and that too within minutes

Jasper AI

Before we get into using Jasper AI always remember you can use this tool as a writing assistant.

But not for simply copying and pasting ( You can copy and paste but for more excellency)

What do I mean by this?

You will still have to edit parts of your content that are generated to make it more readable

Also optimized for SEO based on your focus keyword!

This is important if you want to be successful in building a blogging business no matter what your niche is

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper allows you an easier way to access the AI and give it instructions

This is what Jasper does!

It allows you to access the Ai and give it a bunch of instructions and there are different ways to access the Ai

If that makes any sense

There are a bunch of different templates available in Jasper Ai that you can use

Jasper AI

but, today we are going to be writing blogs specifically

Now, to get started using Jasper you have to claim your 10,000 free words worth of content by using our special offer link

Create your free Jasper account, it’s really straightforward, and then click on “long-form assistant”

Jasper AI

And then tell Jasper about what you want it to do

For example: “write a blog post about affiliate marketing tips”

Pretty simple.

You can put in keywords based on your topic and then click on generate titles or enter the title that you have decided on!

(generating title example)

Now, you will need an intro paragraph for your blog and that’s what’s next

Jasper AI

If you click on Generate, Jasper AI will give you 3 different intro paragraphs you can choose any of the three and continue

I will now open the editor and using H2 write the subheading “What is Affiliate Marketing” and click on compose also I will choose length as long.

Jasper AI writes Content For you (So be Relaxed)

Jasper AI will automatically generate content based on that subheading

You can also simply click on compose without any subheadings and see what Jasper Ai writes out for you

If you do not like what Jasper Ai generated then simply compose again till you are satisfied

Once you do this for all your subheadings your blog will have been generated in minutes!

That’s how easy it is to create your own blog post from scratch using Jasper Ai and other free tools

You can claim your Jasper Ai trial through our special offer link so you can try it out before using it for your blogs

You will get 10,000 free words for 5 days, enough to get a taste of Jasper Ai

Once your post is published, it’s not over

You will have to optimize it for SEO and update it making it better over time so it stays relevant and generates traffic

Note: You can edit it whenever you want if depending on how you want your blog post to look like

Write Blog in 10 Minutes with Jasper AI Conclusion

Creating blogs with Jasper AI and other free tools is easier than ever before and it’s worth it.

Personally, I have saved a lot of my time using Jasper Ai

It’s an excellent tool and a true bang for your buck if you want to write loads of content for your website but are having a hard time

But, remember to not just copy and paste blogs on your website instead try to change them up.

Add your own style to it if you wish to be a successful blogger

And that’s it for this Article, I have reviewed Jasper AI before you can check it out here

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