what is dropshipping and how to make an ecommerce website for dropshipping

How To Create An eCommerce Website For Dropshipping in 2021

Starting a direct selling business is the first step in starting a business.

You will be able to sell products to customers, set prices for your own products, and market your own brand.

You don’t even need to pay for the inventory before selling it to real customers. If you are willing to work, you can build a successful brand.

Doesn’t that sound that great?

If you are still in doubt about starting an online business, it might be helpful to understand that global e-commerce sales reached almost $ 3.5 trillion in 2019.

So if the global e-commerce statistics show any signs, starting an online business is now an increasingly profitable option.

In this article, you will learn how to start a direct selling business.

We’ll explain what a direct selling business is, how to find the right direct selling business concept and everything you need to start a direct selling business.

what is dropshipping how does it work

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that you can use to run your store without having to own any inventory. Once you complete the sale, your supplier will ship your products directly from their warehouse to your customer’s door. You never have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping involves selling products through your online store, which are then directly managed by the supplier. No need to pack, transport, or maintain inventory, just simple, non-interference sales.

Customer places an order in your online store

Your customer shops as normal, placing items in their cart on your online store. Payment is processed as usual.

Your store forwards the order to a third-party supplier

The customer’s order information will be passed on to your supplier for fulfillment. You pay the wholesale price of the products and keep your margins and profits.

Supplier ships the order to the customer

The name, address, and logo of your own store will be attached to the packing list and invoice when the order is shipped customers will never know that you are an affiliate.

Your store informs the customer that order has been shipped

The customer receives an email from your online store to let them know their order is on the way. The notification comes from you, not your supplier.

How Profitable Is Dropshipping?

This is an answer to the frequently asked direct selling questions we hear about.

Dropshipping may be the most profitable business model because you are not responsible for shipping and manufacturing costs.

So once you find the right provider through tools like Oberlo, you can quickly make a profit.

You can use the dedicated profit margin tool to calculate your profit and make sure you are on the right track for success.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Dropshipping?

benefits and disadvantages of dropshipping

On the surface, dropshipping seems like a good option. However, before you start building an online store from a direct selling business model, it is best to understand its advantages.


1. You need fewer funds

The biggest advantage of direct selling may be that you can open an e-commerce store without having to invest thousands of dollars in inventory upfront.

Traditionally, retailers had to invest a lot of capital to buy inventory.

With the direct selling model, you do not have to buy the product unless you have already made the sale and paid for the customer.

You can start buying products and starting a successful direct sales business with very little money without a large amount of up-front investment in inventory.

Because it doesn’t promise to sell through any pre-purchased inventory, just like in a traditional retail business, opening an outlet store or trying out a new product line involves less risk.

2. Easy to start

It is much easier to run an e-commerce business when you don’t have to deal with physical products.

With drop shipping, you don’t need to worry about:

  • Manage or pay warehouse fees
  • Pack and ship your orders
  • Inventory tracking for accounting reasons
  • Process returns and inbound shipments
  • Continuously order products and manage inventory levels
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3. Low cost

Because you don’t have to deal with purchasing inventory or managing warehouses, your cost is quite low.

In fact, many successful outlets are home-based businesses that only need a laptop computer and some recurring fees to operate.

As you grow, these costs may increase, but they will remain at a low level compared to traditional companies.

4. Flexible location

The agency sales business can be carried out almost wherever there is an Internet connection. As long as you can easily communicate with suppliers and customers, you can run and manage your business.

5. Wide selection of products for sale

Since you do not have to purchase the products you sell in advance, you can provide potential customers with a variety of popular products.

If the supplier has goods in stock, you can sell them on their online store at no additional cost.

6. Easier to Test

Dropshipping is a useful compliance method, both for opening new stores and for business owners who want to test their customers’ appetite for other product categories, such as accessories or new product lines.

The main benefit of consignment sales is again the ability to list and possibly sell products before committing to buying large amounts of inventory.

7. Easier to expand

For traditional retail businesses, if you receive three times the order, you generally need to do three times the work.

By using direct selling vendors, most of the additional order processing work will be handled by the vendor, allowing you to expand with fewer growth issues and less incremental work.

Sales growth will always bring additional work, especially work related to customer service, but compared with traditional e-commerce companies, companies that use direct sales are particularly good.


All the benefits we mentioned make direct sales a very attractive model for people who are just starting an online store or who want to expand their existing products. But like all methods, direct selling has its drawbacks.

Generally speaking, comfort and flexibility come at a price. There are some disadvantages to consider here.

1. Low-profit margin

Low-profit margin is the biggest disadvantage of operating in the highly competitive direct selling niche market.

Because it is easy to use and the management fee is low, many competing stores will open stores and sell goods at the lowest prices in an attempt to increase revenue.

Since they invest very little money in starting a business, they can afford a meager profit. If you start shipping directly on Amazon next to your Shopify store, your profit on that sales channel will be much lower.

Generally, these sellers have poor website quality and poor customer service (if any).

You can use these to differentiate your business.

But this will not prevent customers from comparing their prices with yours. The intensification of fierce competition will quickly damage the potential profit margins of the niche market.

Fortunately, you can do many things to alleviate this problem by choosing a niche/vertical market suitable for dropshipping.

2. Inventory issues

If you stock all your products, it is relatively easy to track which items are in stock and out of stock.

But when purchasing from multiple warehouses, these warehouses also fulfill orders from other merchants, and the inventory may change every day. Fortunately, there are now some applications that allow you to synchronize with the provider.

Therefore, drop shippers can “forward” the order to the supplier with one or two clicks, and should be able to see how much inventory the supplier has in real-time.

Oberlo also enables merchants to take automatic action when the supplier’s inventory reaches zero.

For example, when the product is no longer available, you can automatically unpublish the product or keep it published but automatically set the quantity to zero.

3. Transportation complexity

If you work with multiple suppliers, like most direct sales, the products in your online store will be purchased through several different direct sales suppliers. This complicates your transportation costs.

Suppose a customer has ordered three items, all of which can only be obtained through independent suppliers.

Shipping each item to the customer will incur three separate shipping costs, but it may not be wise to pass this cost on to the customer.

Even if it makes sense to include these costs, automating these calculations can be difficult.

4. Vendor error

Have you been blamed for something that is not your fault, but should you be responsible for this error in any case?

Even the best direct selling providers make mistakes when fulfilling orders; you should take responsibility for these mistakes and apologize.

Poor quality and mediocre suppliers can cause endless frustration due to a shortage of items, poor delivery, and poor quality packaging, which can damage your corporate reputation.

5. Limited branding and customization

Unlike custom products or print-on-demand, dropshipping cannot give you much control over the product itself. Generally, suppliers design and rate direct selling products.

Some Alibaba forwarding providers may adapt to your company’s product changes, but still, the provider has the most control over the product itself.

Any changes or additions to the product itself usually require a minimum order quantity so that the manufacturer is feasible and affordable.

Why Is Starting a Dropshipping Business a Good Idea in 2021?

A business Dropshipping is a low business model. When it comes to start-up costs, pay only for the products you sell to pay customers.

Do not overload with the cost of the creation of products, transport the inventory, the costs of maintaining the infested inventory, and the cost of employees for packaging and shipping products.

It is a great entry into the entrepreneurial spirit since you can start your dropshipping activity only during your nights and weekends.

It will require daily work when it comes to processing orders. However, most order processing steps are automated and request a button.

Dropshipping Business Opportunities are infinite, you just have to take the first step.

Can you earn money dropshipping?

Yes, you can earn money through Dropshipping, as many of our successful traders are doing.

Dropshipping lets you find products with great profit potential and configure an activity that sells them.

When you are motivated to sell products, it is more likely to invest more time in promotion and marketing, which leads to more earnings from your efforts.

So.. is dropshipping worth it?

Yes and No. Dropshipping The time and money you invest in it are worth it. If you don’t invest time in your online business, you will never collect the prizes.

One of the reasons why people abandon dropshipping is the lack of consistency and perseverance.

Dropshipping takes time, as you need to configure a store, import products, decide the price strategy, and start the sale. Nothing can happen if no effort is obtained.

How Do I Get Started With Dropshipping?

Choose a Dropshipping Business Idea

It is illogical to enter a niche without competition, I learned that the way is difficult.

Fitness, fashion, jewelry, beauty, tech, bags, and backpacks are some of the evergreen niches that we continue to see the best online shops Enter and Triumph.

Therefore, spend some time on different dropshipping ideas.

If you are willing to create your dropshipping business ideas here are some things they take into account:

Google Trends is excellent for if a niche is in a downward or low trend. However, alone, it is not enough to determine if a niche is feasible or not.

Some niches can be in an upside trend, but do not have enough search volume to ensure their popularity.

Use the UberSuggest keyword tool. What is the search volume for a keyword?

Or the competitiveness of it?

The use of the tool for the keyword of Ubersuggestures will help you understand the potential of your business dropshipping ideas and will give you more ideas for the future.

Examine popular websites within your niche.

For example, if you consult a website of fashion retailers, they will often organize your store in trend categories.

This helps you understand what trends you should add to your store right now. You can also browse the best-selling products of a store to help you find the best products for sale.

Controls the volume of orders for the products. Within Oberlo, you can search for products based on your order volume to help you understand how popular really a product is.

Dropshipping Business ideas are not excluded if they are not high as other products, because those products may be more recent.

Dropshipping’s most profitable corporate ideas are trends. Instead, they have trends within them. For example, denim clothing is a trend inside the fashion niche. Artificial eyelashes are a trend inside the beauty niche. Cases for the marble phone are a trend inside the phone box niche.

You want to have trends like products, but not as the whole store, especially if you are building a long-term business.

So keep in mind when you work on your business plan Dropshipping.

Analyze Your Competitors

Once you’ve decided what to sell it now you need to educate yourself about who your competitors are, what they sell, and how they sell their products.

There are many ways to do it.

  • Enter the name of one of the products you want to sell on Google and do a quick search to see who is displayed up. The ten main results in Google or any other search engine will give you a good indication of the competition in a given place. If you are selling products in a different location where you can base yourself, you can use third-party tools to collect data. Use tools like Semrush or Ahref for information on search results in different places around the world.
  • Search through Alexa or SimilarWeb to find competitors who may not be viewed in the results of the general search. These websites will give a summary of the websites you are looking for, including social networking profiles, any advertising you are doing, public and traffic information for your website and a list of competitors for that business.
  • Hunt for social networks. I found dropshipping ideas analyzing competitors. I’m going to browse Facebook ads in a niche and social networking pages for the best brands. How many followers? How is your brand market? How much effort gets your brand? What can I do differently to highlight against them? What are you doing well that you should copy?
  • Know the content of its competitors and what is best done for them through the use of Buzzsumo so you can replicate. This tool will provide you with information on what content you get the most social actions so you can find inspiration for the new ideas of the blog. Registration for competitor bulletins can also keep it in addition to its contents if they share their blog content in this way.

Find a Supplier

Your business may work with thousands of suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. To filter so many options, you need to develop an attack plan.

It may be easy to find a good supplier with Doba. Once you’re on the platform.


doba dropshipping

Doba is a dropshipping supplier with over 2 million products from manufacturers and quality suppliers.

Search for the Doba market and find everything you want to sell, all without the hassle of manufacture, inventory, packaging, or shipping.

Also, Doba is perfectly integrated with Shift4shop, so you can set up now and start selling faster. Get started with DOBA

Worldwide Brands


Worldwide Brands, Inc. believes that home sellers should have access to first-class suppliers used by large retail stores, without worrying about whether they will be deceived by “agents”.

Worldwide Brands has been keen to find the absolute best wholesale suppliers for online sellers since 1999, and then add them to their catalog. Get started with Worldwide Brands


AliExpress Dropshipping

The platform is very large, so we recommend only buying from providers with a positive feedback score of at least 95% or more and a feedback score of at least 2,000.

The provider with the highest rating is usually the most reliable. Aliexpress suppliers are based in China, so shipping to the US can take up to 2 weeks, which is a factor to consider when choosing the right partner for your business. Get started with AliExpress


Inventory Source

More than 180 main dropship suppliers are listed in the expansive directory of InventorySource.

They offer advanced filtering tools, classification, and research to help buyers find exactly the right supplier for their needs.

InventorySource aims to connect buyers directly with suppliers to allow volume discounts, access to exclusive and seasonal brands.

These features encourage real associations between suppliers and retailers who help companies prosper. Get Started with InventorySource


Spocket is a direct sales market that enables retailers to open and expand their online stores. Sprocket connects retailers with thousands of suppliers in the United States and Europe.

When you have a list of five or six potential suppliers to choose from, you can go to the next step that communicates with these suppliers to ask important questions as minimum quantities of orders and shipping times.

At this point, you probably reduced the possible suppliers from a list of 5 suppliers to 2-3.

The best way to make the decision is now to place a sample order with them for a product and compare the results.

Compare eCommerce shipping times, product quality, and packaging while making a decision, taking into account your client and what will wait for you when you place an order.

How Do I Build My Own Dropshipping Store?

How to build an online dropshipping store

Usually, Shopify is recommended but If you are from the US Shift4Shop is a completely free platform for “Lifetime” and that’s why I recommend using it,

Shift4Shop has all the functions you need to set up an online shop and contact direct sales providers.

Build a complete, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized e-commerce website to fully market your business – and save the costs associated with running an online store, including transportation and warehousing, time spent, and the need to manage your own inventory.

1. Choosing a Domain Name

A good domain name is short, flashy, easy to pronounce, and relevant to your business.

Avoid separating words with hyphens and make sure your meaning is clear even if all of the constituent words are condensed into one word. It’s good to include keywords in your domain name, but don’t use them too often.

This is definitely a decision to consider, but if your business is just getting started you have more freedom because you can create your company name and domain name at the same time.

A mature company may face the problem that the desired domain name is already taken.

Fortunately, even if yourbusinessname.com is not available, there are still many great domain names.

2. Web Hosting

All websites require web hosting, which essentially means that your website is “hosted” on the internet.

A web host provides storage for the files that make up your website and allows visitors to visit your website.

It does this by storing your website on a server – basically, a powerful computer with fail-safe features like redundant power supplies to make sure it is always online and your website is accessible at all times.

The price of web hosting varies a lot but is relatively cheap. Before you start buying a web host, you should know that while some eCommerce platforms require the software to be installed on the host itself, other platforms include web hosting in the monthly fee.

These are called hosting platforms and provide multiple advantages.

Choosing a hosting platform can save you a lot of time because software developers will maintain and update it for you.

However, if you install on your own host, you are responsible for performing these updates yourself. It is also usually cheaper to use all-in-one software packages that include hosting software because the best e-commerce platforms have other benefits besides hosting, such as built-in security measures.

Otherwise, you have to look for integrated security measures yourself.

3. Setup your Shipping

The shipment offers some logistical challenges regarding the packaging process, but the configuration of the options on the online store card can be simple.

Your first consideration should be that navigation vectors are offered. This will depend on the country where you are and if you want or do not do business internationally.

If you are in the United States, your three main options are USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

All three offer you the possibility to create your online shipping tags, which is a great time if your e-commerce software connects correctly with this function (Shift4Shop, for example, allows you to create your labels directly from Information from the shipment provided by the customer).

Another great advantage of an e-commerce platform that is integrated with shipping vectors is the ability to view real-time shipping information to your customers, so as not to be surprised when payment for unexpected expenses.

Also, you will have the means to offer customers monitoring information to learn about the status of your order.

If you decide to offer transport from multiple carriers or adheres to one, there are advantages for both.

The use of a single vector accelerates the shipping process a little while maintaining it more consistent.

However, it offers a selection of operators means that you can give your customers more options, including the types of express courier methods, or slower “without haste” methods so that customers want to get their articles longer than Savings in cash in shipment.

Furthermore, some customers might prefer to use a specific courier for their reasons, such as a lost package or another bad experience in the past.

Before choosing vectors, consider what type of shipping you want to offer. Remember to stay within the limits of anything possible for you, if you are working alone and suddenly, orders will come back, you will be sorry to have promised “OneDay, shipping, no matter what”.

It is best to start with more standard shipping methods and then expand the fastest deliveries, once you know you can always choose, pack them and remove them at the door in time.

You also need to decide if you intend to offer a Flat rate shipping the typical weight cost, or both depending on the entry.

If you expect cost management, make sure you calculate them in advance and reveal them completely on your product’s pages.

Once you have decided on the shipping methods, configuring them on your online store card should be quite easy.

If you use shift4shop, it’s just a matter of selecting options and adjusts the configuration and the platform manages the rest.

4. Setting up Payment

Credit Cards

Credit Card Acceptance is an absolute necessity in most e-commerce markets since credit cards still reign sovereigns as a common payment method when buying online.

Fortunately, it’s simple, especially if your e-commerce software is integrated with a payment gateway that processes credit card payments, such as shift4.

If you use Shift4Shop, your site will be automatically configured to immediately accept credit cards through the Gateway Shift4Shop

Other payment methods

Credit cards are in fact popular, but a growing part of customers prefers to use alternative payment methods.

There are many reasons for this, perhaps, the customer does not have a credit card for everyone, or prefers to keep your financial information hidden within a digital portfolio that allows you to store payment data.

People choose alternative payment methods of a desire for greater security and convenience, especially buyers who often attend purchases on their smartphone where entering a credit card number can be a nuisance.

Popular alternative payment methods include PayPal, Visa Checkout, Pay Apple, Pay Amazon, and more.

Any of these can be configured in your online store in a few simple steps. He does not want to overdo the payment methods, but Paypal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay are all very popular options to consider.

Shift4Shop can even develop certain alternative payment methods.

Tax configuration

It is not possible to neglect the taxes unless you want to face some severe sanctions.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to configure them correctly, as long as your e-commerce software gives you a quick way to do it.

Shift4Shop includes rapid tax settings that take into account your position and the locations of your customers. Additions are also available with ThirdParty tax software like Avalara.

How Should I Choose a Theme?

theme for dropshipping store

You are ready to descend to design the appearance of your website! First, realize that it is vitally important that your online store has a modern design and an aspect, and responds to all devices.

Before using a particular theme or a model, make sure it is reactive: compatibility with mobile devices provides an advantage in SEO and also increases its conversions.

The chosen design should reflect your sector.

Some topics are more suited to certain niches, such as spare parts, musical equipment, or children’s products.

Other themes are more generic and easier to customize a particular sector. Add your logo, change certain graphics, and choice of colors that can make your online store more unique and appropriate for the types of products you sell.

The next step is to add products

In general, there are two ways to add products to your online store: one at a time, or in bulk.

With Shift4Shop you can, for example, add products in large quantities by uploading a CSV file in the correct format or importing your products from an existing inventory (e.g. an eBay account or a partner).

In either case, you may want to manually add some products first to familiarize yourself with the user interface and the data you need to provide for the product page.

This product information includes the title, description, price and cost, category, and unique product identifier (such as SKU or part number). Other information can include weight, height, manufacturer, and industry-specific product identifiers such as a book’s ISBN.

If your product has multiple variations or options, such as size or color, you can also add them.

It is important to include accurate product images so that customers can accurately understand the products they are getting.

For many products, high-resolution images showing the product from multiple angles can make a big difference in the number of sales and the frequency of returns.

If the product has multiple colors, please be sure to attach photos of each style.

Note: Once you are done setting your online store be sure to double-check everything and run tests before going live.

How Do I Market My Dropshipping Business?

how to market your dropshipping business

At this point, you found your product and built your own shop, now it’s time to market your business Dropshipping because there is no tomorrow.

This is a crucial step in your Plan Dropshipping business. So you don’t continue to make adjustments in the design of your store and pretend to make improvements.

You don’t need to be afraid to put yourself there. Getting your first sale is one of the best feelings!

How to market a dropshipping business

If you’re starting, it’s probably in that super rigorous budget. Some of my best marketing ideas provided will help you get those fruity first sales.

Here are some to start:

Facebook advertising: I know it can be tempting to blow up $ 500 in Facebook ads. Many new entrepreneurs believe that I will rain in your first attempt, you didn’t. My first announcement spent $ 20 and I lost all that no conversions.

Actually, I got sad about a failed ad. But the truth is that you don’t really risk.

So I returned quickly and created a second announcement that has become five cents percent. You have to keep your budget under the beginning to pay experimentation.

You don’t even know what your most sold product will be at this point.

Create different ads to find out which product is best sold. When it comes to aiming, create a global announcement, but eliminate Canada, Australia, United States, and the U.K.

This will keep the costs of the lower ads. As your company grows, or if you have a broader budget, you can create separate ads for those four countries.

So the United States will have its own announcement, like the remaining three.

Retargeting ads: If you are really set to the budget, I really like retargeting advertisements because they keep the low cost.

This ad works well if you have a shop with tons of traffic. Maybe you are free marketing on Pinterest and get a lot of traffic from there.

Maybe you wrote a post on your website, in circulation influencers and actions now influential free blogs.

With a retargeting announcement, take that free traffic and it is much more likely to become a paying customer.

Even better than a standard Facebook ad. Moreover, it is much cheaper. Actually, as I got my first sale in just two days.

Influencer marketing: starting a dropshipping business will take it a little scarce at the beginning. If you can’t afford to pay the influences of your rates, trust me, this is a good thing, you can offer you an affiliate commission.

Why is something good? I learned the difficult way that sometimes even a specific niche influencer does not become reality.

It’s almost like a shot in the dark. If you pay an affiliate fee for each sale, it reduces the risk of your business Dropshipping, it is up to the influence factor to convert the sale.

Also, you will receive some photos that will help you increase your social test for your brand. If the influence has real followers, they could do much more money as affiliates of them, if they were paid a flat rate.

Therefore, giving them the opportunity to do more money.

Getting free media coverage: Using the HARO tool can subscribe to a three-time-a-day mailing list, in which journalists take us close to get stories for your article.

Some may be looking for influence in a specific niche, others can be looking for product advice.

In both cases, if you place the retargeting ad in operation, which traffic returns free to your website could cause some sales.

Instead of adding a link to your home page “WebsiteInameHere.com, send it to a product collection or a specific product to create a more precise approach.

You can still add the name of your brand as the name of the hyperlink.


Once you have spent time building your website, your brand and marketing, you can start analyzing the results of your hard work.

You may find that some marketing activities are very successful, while others are not so much. Or you can see your prices against competitors and see if you can change things a little to make things more competitive.

You can use tools like Google or Analytics Search Console to evaluate your online traffic to ensure that traffic is increasing, not decreasing. If you use Toly to third parties for e-mail marketing reports or social networks, configure weekly or monthly automatic reports to remember to regularly analyze this information.

Even quick instant data from a tool could be enough to decide whether a campaign works or not.

In general, the most important part of a successful online e-commerce store is testing and optimizing to increase online income.

This ensures that your website does not fall behind the best practices and will also maintain it in advance about its competitors.


Here you are! We covered it with how to start a dropshipping business.

When you apply some of the advice of this article to your online store, work to build your own online empire. If you have questions about the road, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get to the Social team.

And remember, the best way to learn to start a business Dropshipping is taking that first step to build it.

Some Common Dropshipping FAQ

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