How to Get your Website on Search Engines (and Why it’s so important)

Indexing on Google and other search engines is one of the most effective ways to get free traffic to your website. But you may be wondering:

How do I submit my website to search engines?

The short answer is: It depends on the search engine.


Why You Should Submit Your Website To Search Engines

In the past, you would send your website URL to every search engine.

The mainstay of the SEO industry, Brett Tabke, founded the Webmasterworld forum and Pubcon conference and created a tool for this. His motto for tools makes me laugh: You will succumb.

Search engines will crawl a site from the submitted URL, and then track all the links they find. If someone proposes to submit your website to a search engine and charge a fee today, it is a panacea.

So what benefits can you get from submitting a website?

Few reasons why you should manually submit your website to search engines:

  • Peace of mind: In terms of SEO, safety is better than regret. It’s worth trying how fast it is to submit a website manually.
  • Directly notify search engines of your website: Use the following methods to submit your website, you can provide Google (and others) with important information about your website, mainly about content updates and important changes.
  • This is a simple opportunity: for improvement-by submitting your website, you can use a variety of tools to help you improve your website. In addition, you can notify them that the content has been updated and needs to be crawled again.
  • Indicate the right place to start: By submitting your sitemap URL, you can direct search engines to the right place to start crawling your website and point out the content of the website that you think is the most important.This may be important if your homepage does not link to important parts of your website. Any crawling obstacles that may exist on your website can be overcome by using a sitemap.

How to submit your website to search engines

You can submit the URL of the entire sitemap or a single URL to the search engine.

Then you can submit your website to a place that will have an indirect impact on your SEO. Usually, this is done by confirming the webmaster tool interface of the website owner.

Don’t forget that you need to access two main sets of search engine tools.

Google Search Console

Before submitting your site to Google, you need to configure Search Console and verify site ownership.

To verify your website, copy the DNS TXT record and add it to your domain provider to verify domain ownership.

How to verify domain ownership using DNS records

Using DNS records to verify your site is the recommended method because you can keep DNS records forever and will not add additional code to your site.

If you don’t want (or can’t) verify your domain this way, don’t worry, there are other ways to verify your account.

Submitting a website to Google is very easy.

In fact, the only way to submit a website is to add the sitemap to Google Search Console.

1 . Locate Your XML Sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file that lists all the pages on the website.

Can usually be found at:

If you use WordPress to boost your website and use the Yoast SEO plugin, your sitemap will look like this:

What is an XML sitemap and why should you have one? • Yoast

After you find the sitemap, you can proceed to the next step:

2 . Adding Your Sitemap to Google Search Console

Open up Google Search Console and, under Index, select sitemaps.

Now, all you need to do is paste in your sitemap URL and hit submit:

Add a sitemap to Google Search Console

If you have multiple sitemaps, just repeat this process until all of your sitemaps are listed in the submission section.

But what if you only want to submit a single page to Google?

It’s easy and simple!

In Search Console, go to URL inspection, and paste the URL of the page you want to index.

If the page is not indexed, you will see GSC saying that the URL is not in Google. To track it, just click Request Index:

Use URL inspection to request indexing

If the page is indexed, you will see “URL in Google”:

Indexed page in Search Console

If you recently updated the content and want Google to crawl the page again, you can click “Request indexing” to index these changes.

3 . Check If Your Page Is on Google

To see if your site has been successfully submitted and indexed, just search for your URL on Google.

If your site has been crawled and indexed by Google, it will appear in search results.

You can try to copy a paragraph or two of text from your website and search in “Quotations”. If your page is on Google, it should show up.

Another method you can use is to use the search operator command “site:” in Google. Just enter:


Google will only know how to show results from the domain you entered. You can use site search operators on the home page or on the internal pages of the site.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing can easily be set up using Google Webmaster Tools.

If you already have Search Console settings, you can import your website.
After registering, just click the import button:

Import Search Console settings into Bing

This is an easy way to include your website in Bing Webmaster Tools.

First, you must go to the Bing WebMaster tools. You must make sure that you have configured it for your site.

Similar to the search console, it is easy to send a site map with Bing.

Select “Site Map” in the menu.

Paste the Sitemap URL and finish the transmission.

Submit XML sitemaps in Bing Webmaster Tools

This will not only submit your site to Bing but also to Yahoo.

So, if you were wondering how to submit your site to yahoo? there’s your answer.

Bing URL Submissions Plugin

If your website is powered by WordPress, you can use the Bing URL Submissions plugin to more easily submit content to Bing.

It is free to use and easy to activate.

After adding an API key, the plugin will automatically submit your new or updated content directly to the Bing search index:

Activating the Bing URL Submissions WordPress Plugin

You can use some functions such as:

  • You can turn the auto-send function on and off as required.
  • The URL was submitted manually.
  • View the URL recently submitted through the plugin and can also be downloaded as a convenient list for tracking.
  • Ability to resend the most recent URL.

Google My Business

Put your business on the map. Create a “Google My Business” account to indicate the location of your business and display it on Google Maps.

The “Google My Business” list can also appear in regular search results and is meaningful to all businesses whose physical location is important.


DuckDuckGo will automatically index the web, so you don’t need to manually submit your website to them.

In fact, it uses more than 400 sources and search results from Bing,

So if you submit to Bing (and Yahoo!) according to the above steps, you have already completed what you need to speed up the indexing of your website on DuckDuckGo Everything works.

Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex is a major search engine for Russian and Turkish-speaking countries.

It is not a search engine in English, and if these markets are not relevant, you should not waste time researching them.

This does not mean that you cannot set up a Google Webmaster Tools account and index your website.

Who knows,

Yandex may one day go global. Yandex even created an English interface for you.

Baidu URL Submission

Before proceeding, please check if you have Chinese content and if you have any reason to rank on Baidu. If not, there is no need to continue.

If your website is in Chinese and is not indexed on Baidu, please set up an account on Baidu


Submitted your website to “Google My Business” to be displayed on Google Maps.

Yelp listings will increase your chances of ranking on Google Maps because you can verify the authenticity of your business address.

This is essential for local SEO.

Submission Services

It’s free to have your website listed by Google, Bing, or Yahoo, so you don’t have to pay for a shipping service to get it listed.

There is no point in signing up for search engine submission services.

If you are unlucky, you will be bombarded by spam trying to sell your low-quality SEO services.

Major search engines provide helpful resources to help, as well as methods for submitting your site and getting it properly indexed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You do not need services to do this.

Why is it Important to Submit My Site to Search Engines?

Google and other search engines will eventually be able to find your website, even if you don’t submit it to them manually.

However, it is strongly recommended that you submit your site using a site map. If you have not set up your site map correctly, it is worth doing this.


You provide other information about your website to search engines, and in return, you will get other index data about your website (and possibly even additional links).

Submitting the site to search engines is of great value for notifying search engines of content updates and changes.

Forcing a new crawl allows you to speed up the process of ranking for newly added keywords instead of old keywords that are no longer relevant.

Like SEO, it is a constantly changing field, and indexing your website and its pages is a minimum.

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