Minify Javascript, CSS on Wordpress speed up site

How to Minify CSS and Javascript on WordPress (Optimize & Rank Higher on Google)

In this post, I’ll show you how to Minify JavaScript and CSS in WordPress to improve Page Speed. How Minifying can help you rank higher on Google, What is Minifying? Why are JavaScript and CSS Minify so important? How to easily Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files on your WordPress website?

Let’s optimize your WordPress blog or any kind of WordPress Website and rank higher on Google.

What does Minification mean?

Minification is the process of reducing code as well as markup in your web pages and also manuscript files. It is among the primary methods made use of to reduce load times and bandwidth usage on websites.

Minification drastically improves website speed and also ease of access, directly converting right into a much better individual experience.

It’s also advantageous to users accessing your internet site via a minimal data plan and that want to minimize their data transfer usage while surfing the web.

Why Should you Minify CSS and Javascript in WordPress?

Usually, it is suggested to be made use of just for documents that are sent out to customer’s browsers. This consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript data. You can minify PHP data as well, yet PHP is a server-side that shows language, and minifying it will not improve page lots speed for your customers.

The noticeable benefit of minifying data is improved WordPress rate as well as performance. Small files are quicker to tons as well as enhance your site’s rate.

However, some specialists think that the performance renovation is very small for most internet sites and also unworthy of the difficulty. The minification only lowers a couple of kilobytes of data on most WordPress sites. You can lower extra page load time by simply maximizing photos for the internet.

Here is an example of regular CSS code:

body {
h1 {

After minifying the code:


If you are attempting to attain a 100/100 rating on Google Pagespeed or GTMetrix device after that minifying CSS and JavaScript will significantly improve your rating.

Having stated that let’s have a look at exactly how to easily minify CSS/JavaScript on your WordPress site.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Minifying Javascript and CSS

Allow’s concentrate on minify plugins– plugins that quicken your WordPress site by lessening unnecessary coding as well as HTML.

There are many of these around; if you kind of “minify” right into the WordPress plugin search bar, you’ll obtain a few web pages of outcomes. Not every one of them is excellent, though.

Below are the top seven WordPress minify plugins to quicken your site.

1. Autoptimize

Autoptimize is a plugin that will certainly maximize your HTML code, Javascript, and also CSS. You can pick which among those three you want to be enhanced (it’s finest to select all).

If you have a CDN, you can conveniently establish Autoptimize so that both the CDN as well as the plugin work together.

There are a number of added features too, such as the capacity to maximize Google Fonts and also WordPress emojis’ CSS as well as Javascript.

Autoptimize can likewise speed up your website by enhancing your photos. It will certainly press their documents to lower their dimension as well as serve them from a CDN.

Autoptimize presently has an average 4.6-star ranking on WordPress.

2. WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify is a very light and also straightforward plugin that will certainly minify, incorporate, and also cache HTML, Javascript, and CSS code.

This is essentially all it does. In the settings, you’ll see 2 choices: for leaving out Javascript as well as CSS from being minified.

If you are seeking a straightforward and light plugin that is totally a minify plugin, WP Super Minify is a great choice.

It presently has a typical 4-star rating on WordPress.

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3. W3 Complete Cache

W3 Overall Cache is a great deal more than a basic minify plugin.

Right here are a number of points that it does to speed up your website:

Page cache
Opcode cache
Database cache
Object cache
Browser cache
Reverse Proxy
Fragment Cache

Furthermore, among the functions W3 Total Cache provides is its advanced minify options.

You can enable or disable minify. You can establish it on automatic mode or choose documents to be minified manually.

There are several various minify cache techniques offered to select from, in addition, to minify choices and techniques for Javascript, HTML, and also CSS.

These settings are for sophisticated individuals, however, if you do not understand them, you can still make use of W3 Overall Cache as well as simply leave all default settings as they are.

It currently has a 4.3-star ranking on WordPress.

4. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is one more speed-increasing WordPress plugin.

Besides providing caching options, you can minify HTML as well as CSS.

You can additionally incorporate CSS as well as Javascript codes to speed up your website, even in the complimentary variation. Nonetheless, the minify Javascript alternative is just offered in the costs variation.

It does all the same crucial points as W3 Total Cache and also is a little easier to utilize.

It also presently has a greater ordinary ranking on WordPress– 4.8 stars.

5. Merge + Minify + Refresh

This plugin does precisely what its name recommends.

It combines CSS and Javascript files and then minifies them. When that is done, it automatically rejuvenates your sites and also files.

You can disable minification and combine either CSS and also Javascript, or both, in the setups.

It presently has a 4.3-star rating on WordPress.

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6. Quick Velocity Minify

Quick Velocity Minify is a plugin that focuses on minification but gives innovative users the capacity to tweak various setups according to their demands.

For example, you can disable Google Fonts combining, eliminate Google Fonts, strip HTML comments, and get in specific JS as well as CSS courses for the plugin to neglect.

For non-advanced customers, merely leave the default setups as they are and you will be fine.

There is likewise a “Pro Optimization” settings page with even more innovative options, with a caution that you must just touch these settings if you are a designer as well as recognize what you are doing.

You can check out a listing of refined JS as well as CSS data in the condition section.

It presently has a 4.8-star rating on WordPress.

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7. Hummingbird Web Page Rate Optimization

Hummingbird Page Rate Optimization is an all-in-one speed-increasing WordPress plugin.

It offers full-page, web browser, and gravatar caching. It likewise accelerates your site with file compression.

There is GZIP compression for super-fast HTML and also JS transfer. Utilizing this, you can save money on holding.

And also obviously, the plugin allows you to reorder, integrate, and minify your scripts. If you ever before want to reset your modifications, you can do so with one click.

The plugin incorporates with Cloudflare if you utilize it as your CDN.

Hummingbird also uses efficiency records with suggestions for boosting your website’s speed.

Hummingbird was produced by the WPMU DEV group, which additionally produced popular plugins like Smush, which presses your site’s photo files.

You can utilize Hummingbird combined with various other speed-increasing plugins, such as W3 Overall Cache.

This plugin presently has a 4.8-star ranking on WordPress.

Which Minify Plugin Should You Make use of?

The solution to this concern depends upon what your needs are and also what you are seeking.

If you are looking for an all-in-one WordPress speed optimization plugin, you’re far better off opting for something like Hummingbird, W3 Total Amount Cache, or WP Fastest Cache.

If you are a sophisticated user who wants a minify plugin that offers you the capability to transform sophisticated settings, select something like Rapid Rate Minify.

Lastly, if you desire a straightforward and also light to minify plugin without any confusing setups, pick WP Super Minify.

Testing Your New Page Speed After Minification

Make sure to inspect that you’ve enhanced your website to the greatest by utilizing GTMetrix. The tool will rack up the size of your files and show the unresolved concerns.

For example, my examination shows that I obtained a score of 99 for CSS, with two data that can be further enhanced:

This is before we minify CSS

As soon as I dealt with those problems, I scored a perfect 100:

We will get the perfect score after we minify CSS


Hopefully, now you know how easy it is to Minify your site’s CSS and Javascript and speed up your WordPress website to easily rank higher on Google and have a better overall speed!

Have any questions? comment down below your thoughts and Opinions and if this helped you.

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