Namecheap Domains

Namecheap Domains and Review: All you Need To Know!

Today we will talk about is Namecheap Domains good? So, It has over 11 million users and Namecheap is there in business for 20 years. So, it must be doing something good right? Right?

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8 percent of all the registered hostage names are all Namecheap, but they also offers a bunch of other services.

Namecheap (Namecheap Domains, Service, Pricing)

Namecheap Domains

Namecheap is not only known for offering the cheapest rates for registration of domain names but also for cheap web hosting.

Namecheap initiated by offering value-priced domains, however, they started to offer full web hosting packages as well.

They are also widely popular for excellent customer services, so if you need help building a website you can do so by using one of Namecheap’s many site-building apps.

In addition to all this, Namecheap also sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more.

While many people do enjoy its domain registration services as they are quite affordable and reliable, its hosting reviews are quite mixed.

If you wish to know more about Namecheap, then continue reading this article as I have provided a deep insight to it.

Namecheap offers 24/7 chat support.

So, you can consult them anytime you need help.

Therefore, Namecheap would prove to be the best deal for you on your domain registration.

However, you’ll have to renew your domain registration periodically. 

Apart from this, you have plenty of hosting options to choose from. 

What has Namecheap got to offer?

Namecheap has become a popular choice among many website owners

Namecheap offers plenty of solutions for website management. Now, we are going to get into a little detail as to what it has exactly got to offer.

Namecheap Domains

As we have already discussed in the beginning how Namecheap is not only an affordable option but also how easy it is to manage once you have registered them.

Not only this but also the free perks which you get along with this like the free privacy protection which is much needed in this age of the internet.

Namecheap Features

It’s an industry standard by now to offer a free domain for a year with more expensive shared hosting plans.

Namecheap Domains

While Namecheap does that, Namecheap domains also offer less attractive, like .sitee or .online domain names with even the cheapest plans.

Sick of providers limiting you to only one website?

Well, Namecheap allows you to host up to three websites on their most affordable plan.

All Namecheap plans come with unmetered Bandwidth. So, Namecheap won’t charge you for increased traffic.

As for the storage space, the plans come with 20 gigabytes Stellar Plan, Unlimited Stellar Plus Plan, and 50 gigabytes SSD respectively Stellar Business Plan.

“Now, you might be wondering why does the most expensive plan come up with a limitation, while the previous plan is unlimited?”

Well it is because of inodes, It’s always because of inodes

Namecheap Domains

The two cheapest plans (Stellar Business Plan) have a hard limit of 300,000 inodes, but the last plan comes with a 6,00,000 inodes limit,

Still, the inodes limit is good and the unlimited SSD sound nice.

Well, there’s a final restriction. You can’t have more than 10 gigabytes of media, This includes video, images, gifs, databases, or iso files.

So, if you are expecting to upload hundreds of high qualities photos to your Website.

You might wanna look for a different provider

NameCheap also promises fast customer support, if you need assistance you can always contact them by Email.

Namecheap Pricing

When it comes to pricing Namecheap lives up to its name.

Namecheap also has a reputation for providing the best competitive prices and services.

Additionally, many of Namecheap’s services can be tried for free for a trial period.

One of the main reasons Namecheap has become such a popular choice among web hosts is that they offer a beginner-friendly solution.

There are three plans (All include Free Namecheap Domains)

  • Stellar
  • Stellar Plus (POPULAR)
  • Stellar Business

Shared Hosting starts at (Yearly):-

  • Stellar $1.48/Month
  • Stellar Plus $2.18/Month (POPULAR)
  • Stellar Business 4.98/Month


  • Namecheap Domains Name
  • 3 Website
  • 20 GB SSD
  • Free CDN

Stellar Plus (MOST POPULAR)

  • Namecheap Domains Name
  • Unlimited website
  • Unmetered SSD
  • Free CDN
  • Auto Backup

Stellar Business

  • Monthly price:- $9.48/Month
  • Annual Price/Yearly:- $4.98/Month $9.48
  • Namecheap Domains Name
  • Unlimited website
  • 50GB SSD
  • Free CDN
  • Auto Backup
  • and also Cloud storage

So, many hosting providers try to lure you in with rock-bottom prices for your initial purchase and then jack the prices up to 3 or 4 times.

Namecheap Domains

Renews price:-

Stellar $4.48/Month.
Stellar Plus is $6.48/Month.
Stellar Business $9.48/Month.

Namecheap renewal prices are 2 times higher than the original price.

So, that’s a minimal increase compared to their competitor.

WordPress Hosting: Free Namecheap Domains included

Namecheap gives various hostings and WordPress hosting as we all know.

You can also buy a managed WordPress hosting EasyWP. For WordPress hosting, they give 30 days of free trial with no commitment.

Though be aware that you will be limited to hosting only 1 WordPress site, regardless of the plan you choose.

There are 3 plans in WordPress hosting:-

  • Easy WP Starter
  • Easy WP Turbo
  • Easy WP supersonic
namecheap domains

EasyWP(WordPress) Starter:-

  • 1st Month Free.
  • It offers 10 GB of storage.
  • Allows upto 50,000 users/visitors a Month.
  • Easy backup and restores
  • Use any Domain
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Unrivaled 24/7 Support
  • EasyWP Cache Plugin
  • Free Migration to EasyWP
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free CDN

EasyWP(WordPress) Super turbo (Best Choice):-

  • 1st month Free
  • 50 Gb SSD Storage, the Turbo PLans comes with 5 times more storage
  • 200k visitors/month 4 times more monthly visitors.
  • Easy backup and restores
  • Use any Domain
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Unrivaled 24/7 Support
  • EasyWP Cache Plugin
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • 1.5x more CPU
  • 1.5x more Ram
  • Free CDN
  • Additionally, you get more resources and included an SSL certificate

If you choose the EasyWP(WordPress) Supersonic package:-

  • 100 GB of SSD Storage
  • You will be able to reach upto 500k Visitors a Month.
  • On top of that, you will have a few more resources.
  • Easy backup and restores
  • Use any Domain
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Unrivaled 24/7 Support
  • EasyWP Cache Plugin
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • 2x more CPU
  • 2x more RAM
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL

All the plans Also included:-

  • 1 WordPress website
  • Support for any domain
  • Free WordPress migration
  • 24/7 Namecheap support
  • SFTP and database access

Namecheap Performance

When it comes to speed and reliability, Namecheap doesn’t perform that well, however, we can look deeper to analyze what outcome does it give.

If we were to talk about uptime and response time, the results show that the provider is not quite reliable.

However, if we talk about stress testing, a lot of users have given a positive response to this.

Even if there are more than 20 visitors at the same time, sending numerous requests, the server would still perform well and would not crash down.

I believe that 20 visitors at the same time is a very decent number to expect.

Namecheap Pros and cons (Pros: Namecheap Domains)

namecheap domains


  • The biggest pros of Namecheap is that their starter plan lets you host up to 3 Namecheap domains names.
  • What it means is that normally on plans you can host up to one (1) website, Namecheap lets you host multiple websites.
  • They also offer incredibly cheap prices of hosting, which is one benefit of Namecheap, Which makes it easy to start a new website.
  • If you are ok to pay yearly you will get an even cheaper deal.
  • With Namecheap, you have 24/7 support and are available to respond to all questions and concerns.
  • NameCheap also promises fast customer support, if you need assistance you can always contact them by Email.
  • Nice Easy to use CPanel, that’s what makes Namecheap so attractive.
  • All plans also include unmetered bandwidth, free website builder, free website Namecheap domains name and privacy protection, 50 Positive SSL certificate, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Likewise, if you don’t like the service, you can switch to a different plan.
  • The company’s goal is to deliver a transparent service, so you will never have to worry about security breaches, furthermore, their data center choice and advanced security measures help ensure your site’s continued online presence.
  • Namecheap also offers backup
  • Where Namecheap really excels and really prospers is their Namecheap domain registration service.


  • You do not get so good domain with the cheapest plans, less attractive, like .sitee, .online, .website, .fun or .tech as for a regular website name you need to buy Stellar Plus
  • Customer support:- It’s not bad but it has a few flaws with live chat you get a quick response, but agents tend to regurgitate, what’s already written in the knowledge base.
  • The website gets many times loading errors.
  • Namecheap uses WordPress’s old version not too old but a few versions before.

Is Namecheap safe?

Namecheap Domains

Security is one of the most important things in this age of fast technology,

We want our data to be protected at any cost and we look looking for stuff that provides us with the best security.

Namecheap has done a pretty good job in providing safety.

Let’s dive in further to understand the security provided by Namecheap:

Free Positive SSL 

This is a one-click activation. However, if you face any problem, you can contact customer support anytime.

If we were to talk about how it works, then I would say that it works pretty well.

WHOIS Domain Privacy Protection

The protection has been made for anyone who takes a domain name from Namecheap.

It prevents spam, and identity theft and also regulates unwanted solicitation. Along with this, it also protects your privacy to a great extent so you don’t have to worry about this stuff.

DDoS protection

The DDoS protection is free. The only thing is when you start with Namecheap, you’ll have to turn it on yourself.


The basic traffic filtering option that is provided by Namecheap is ModSecurity.

If you want more protection then you can go for Web Application Firewall which is available through Supersonic CDN paid version.

Automatic backups

The Stellar plan backups twice a week, however, that is not guaranteed.

Stellar Plus and Stellar business come with daily automatic backups.

Namecheap support

With Namecheap, you can expect 24/7 customer support via live chat and tickets.

Their Customer Service is also reasonable with many features, offered free of charge.

It’s not bad but it has a few flaws with live chat you get a quick response, but agents tend to regurgitate, what’s already written in the knowledge base.

They also promise fast customer support, if you need assistance you can always contact them by Email.

So, I would suggest Namecheap to users that don’t need support often and most do things on their own.

Overall Namecheap support is responsive, but their responsiveness aren’t perfect.

Namecheap data center

Okay, so there’s one last weird thing, you can choose the wrong three data centers before you buy their hosting services

Nothing strange so far, but oddly enough the data center you choose will affect both the prices and features available.

Namecheap Domains

Yeah it’s not just about performances or your audience like the US data center is usually priced, but the UK and EU plans are $1 more expensive.

I believe this increase is likely due to stricter privacy rules in Europe, but there’s no clear statement from Namecheap.

Cloud Storage Features

Even weirder are the cloud storage features and all of the plans as well as countries included Free Namecheap Domains.

US data center

If you choose the US data center, you will only get these features. With their Stellar Business plan.

EU data center

The EU data center includes it in all their plans.

UK Data centers

And there is no cloud storage in any of the UK plans.

Final Verdict on Namecheap

So, we learn a few things

  • Namecheap is well cheap, you can get hosting plans for less than $2 dollars a month also Free domain, and it also has a reputation for providing the best competitive prices and services.
  • In terms of performance, usability, and features, Namecheap does well but it’s truly not impressive, you can get similar or better packages with Hostinger or Bluehost. (our Blog reviews on hostinger and Bluehost)
  • On the downside, there is a price increase on data centers, quite a lot of restrictions, and not the best overall hosting qualities.

My recommendation on Namecheap:-

Free Domain and cheap, in my recommendation, Use Namecheap only for small or personal projects and it will work like a charm.

Namecheap is also a good choice for those who have little to no experience with web development or design name.

Namecheap offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel your subscription within 30-days and receive a refund.

I like to think of using Namecheap like using 2-in-1 shampoo and shower, get It works alright.

But what do you think about Namecheap?

If you made it to this point, congratulation.

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