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Pluralsight Review : All you Need to Know!

Over the past few years, E-learning has seen increasing popularity for the right reasons. It offers you a learning experience that is fun, interactive, and very engaging. In these posts, we are going to Pluralsight Review.

There are many E-learning platforms that are offering their courses, one of which is Pluralsight, About which we are going to talk about today.

The platform which you choose should be specific to your needs.

Here, we are going to give you an overview of Pluralsight and help you to know whether you should be using it or not.

About Pluralsight (Pluralsight Review)

Pluralsight is an E-learning platform that provides you with technology-related topics like IT, Data, Information & Cyber Security, and much more.

pluralsight review

It offers you the most advanced courses in technical learning also which you can learn at your own pace.

the high-quality content offered by Pluralsight gives you value for your money.

It offers you over 7500+ courses which are taught by one of its 1,500+ expert instructors.

However, to understand if Pluralsight is the right choice for you or not, you can utilize its 10-day free trial which gives you access to its core or expanded library and resources.

But before you begin, Pluralsight offers you a 20-question test, Which helps you to analyze whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in a particular skill.

What does Pluralsight mainly offer?

Pluralsight is mainly divided into Courses and Path

Main differences between Course and Path:

The basic difference between Courses and Paths is, Paths combine courses and also tools into one experience to teach you a specific skill from start to finish. 

Paths are designed according to an individual’s knowledge, teaching you a new skill in the right order.


Pluralsight mainly offers 10 different categories.

  •  Software Development
  • IT Ops
  • Data Professional
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Manufacturing & Design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Machine Learning / AI Business Professional
  • Information & Cyber Security
  • Creative Professional.

How to Know that Pluralsight is the best for you? (Elaborative Features)

There are legit many ways to know how a platform is going to be helpful for you. We have enlisted a few points as to why you should choose Pluralsight:

  • Pluralsight provides you with high-quality content. All instructors are subject-matter experts.
  • They not only have traditional videos but also interactive sessions if you subscribe to the premium plan.
  • Pluralsight is not only a big collection of online courses but they also keep on adding new material to cover the latest and greatest change in the programming and development world.
  • The 10-day free trial gives you access to all skills video courses, create channels, and certificates of completion, take Skill IQ assessments and also take notes.
  • You can download the videos on your device making it easy for you to learn anytime and anywhere.
  • The Skill IQ Test(10 mins. test with 20 questions) can help you to check your technical skill level to measure your proficiency in your chosen technology skill. 
  • Similarly, there is a Role IQ test that would help you to measure your skills relevant to a specific role
  • Pluralsight is a great platform for both beginners and experts. The Skill IQ Test always comes in handy as it also helps you to know what level of competency you are at. So, the users can always choose and select the courses as per their needs.

Pricing (Pluralsight Review)

Pluralsight is a subscription-based service offering courses for Novice, Proficient, and also Expert learners.

They offer plans at both individual and business levels.

Individual pricing plans:

pluralsight review
pluralsight review


You get access to the Core course library (2,500+ courses), paths, and also skill assessments. 


You get access to the expanded course library (7,000+ courses), exams, projects, and also hands-on learning. 

NOTE: Both plans include the 10-day free trial. Click here to sign up for the free trial.

Subscription models for businesses and teams

pluralsight review


Yearly subscription – $399/user a year.

You will be able to upskill your team with access to the core library (2,500+ courses).


Yearly subscription – $579/user a year.

A team trial is available with 10 subscriptions.

Includes: Basic reporting and also user analytics for teams.


Yearly subscription $779/user a year.

Includes: Flexibility and also advanced analytics for the enterprise.

A pilot is available on request to try out this plan.

Software Development

CoursesLevelHours RequiredRating
Java FundamentalsBeginner7h 43m4.5/5
Python: Getting Started Beginner3h4.5/5
Angular: Getting startedBeginner 5h 43m5/5
Object-oriented programming in JavaScriptBeginner2h 27min4.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Java Language Fundamentals  50h21
Core Python 36h20

IT Ops

CoursesLevelHours RequiredRating
Introduction to PowerShell Beginner 2h 42m4.2/5
TCP/IP and Networking Fundamentals for IT Pros Beginner2h6m4.5/5
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Beginner2h9m4.5/5
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Part 1  Beginner 4h 8m4.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Fundamentals of DevSecOps 7h4
Fundamentals of Virtualization  6h5

Data Professional

CoursesLevelHours RequiredRating
Getting Productive with SQL DeveloperBeginner3h53m4.5/5
SQL Server: Transact-SQL Basic Data RetrievalBeginner3h53m4.5/5
Practical Data Modeling With C# and SQL ServerBeginner2h344.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Microsoft Azure Storage for Developers2110

Architecture & Construction

CoursesLevelsHours RequiredRating
Introduction to InfraWorks 360Beginner3h30mNA
Introduction to Drafting and Annotation in AutoCADBeginner2h5/5
Introduction to AutoCADBeginner2h30m4.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Maya Environment Modeling 7313
AutoCAD: Core Skills  199

Manufacturing & Design

CoursesLevelsHours RequiredRating
SOLIDWORKS: Design for Mill ManufacturingBeginner2h15mNA
SOLIDWORKS: Preparing Designs for Sand CastingIntermediate1h24mNA
Fusion 360 – Casted Metal DesignIntermediate2h6mNA
Fusion 360 – Designing Wood Fittings and FurnitureIntermediate2h27m4.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
SOLIDWORKS: Core Skills25h20

Cloud Computing

CoursesLevelsHours RequiredRating
Fundamentals of Cloud ComputingBeginner2h9m5/5
Cloud Foundry for DevelopersBeginner2h51m4.5/5
Cloud Computing: The Big PictureBeginner1h4m4.5/5
Oracle Cloud for Developers Intermediate1h58m4/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer17h6
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect22h7

Machine Learning / AI Business Professional

CoursesLevelsHours RequiredRating
Understanding Machine LearningBeginner 39m4.5/5
Getting Started With Azure Machine LearningBeginner 2h14m4.5/5
Understanding Machine Learning with RBeginner 1h25m4.5/5
Introduction to Machine Learning with ENCOG 3Intermediate 2h19m4.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Machine Learning Literacy 155
AWS Machine Learning / AI179

Information & Cyber Security

CoursesLevelsHours RequiredRating
Software Development SecurityIntermediate2h30m2.5/5
Security Event Triage: Operationalizing Security Analysis Beginner 1h4/5
Designing and Implementing Security PoliciesBeginner 2h4/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) 18h6
Security Fundamentals18h6

Creative Professional.

CoursesLevelsHours RequiredRating
Marvelous Designer Fundamentals Beginner 3h15m5/5
Introduction to MayaBeginner 11h26mNA
Introduction to Matinee in Unreal Engine 4 Beginner 4h2m5/5
Introduction to Unity 5 Beginner 3h47m4.5/5
PathsHours RequiredNo. of Courses
Unity Game Dev Courses: Fundamentals 26h12
Illustrator CC for Creative Professionals33h14

Pluralsight Review:- Pros and Cons


  • Affordable monthly fees which gives you access to all courses. (Over 7500+courses)
  • Comes with a free trial of 10 days which helps you to understand whether you should actually go for it or not.
  • It has not only traditional videos to learn from, if you wish to have interactive sessions then you can subscribe for Pluralsight premium.
  • Pluralsight offers you with 24/7 email support along with phone support and also the option to submit a ticket for any question or queries you may have.
  • They also give you an option to download the course material or the video making it super convenient for you to learn anywhere and at anytime.
  • Instructors are top-notch.


  • Sometimes too many topics all together also could be a bad thing.
  • Although it offers you a free trial, it doesn’t come with any free courses.
  • Many a times the courses can be a little lengthy.

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Who should use Pluralsight?

Anyone who wishes to learn tech skills can use Pluralsight.

Pluralsight has something called Skill IQ test by which you can check your technical skill level and then work on it to improve that by choosing the relevant courses accordingly.

However, you won’t receive a formal accredited certificate when you complete a course with Pluralsight.

They only help you to gain or enhance the skills which you are lacking.

Pluralsight helps you to build your knowledge for a specific role which in turn is going to also help you a lot in your career.

There’s a ton of content available for beginners, intermediate learners, and also those with advanced skills/experience. 

They also have a specific category of courses for businesses. This can help you to train your staff and also increase the knowledge base of your workforce.

Final thoughts (Pluralsight Review)

So, at the end of Pluralsight Review, I would want to say of Pluralsight Review that you wouldn’t regret choosing Pluralsight if you wish to improve your skills within the Tech industry.

pluralsight review

There are various quizzes and tests to measure your skills so you can decide accordingly which course you want to choose.

Pluralsight also provides a unique environment to start networking and getting to know other people in a similar situation to yourself.

The courses are simplified so anyone can grasp and even understand the most challenging concepts.

In this Pluralsight Review, In short, I would say that Pluralsight is the best option if you are looking for a self-paced learning platform.

Pluralsight Review we came to the conclusion that It makes learning convenient with the option of offline download, also which is an excellent feature.

However, Pluralsight does not offer any free courses but comes with a 10-day free trial which allows you to know whether it is worth the money or not.

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