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Review Hostgator & Number 1 For WordPress!

So, Review Hostgator: To be a big player in Hosting water, you have to offer something Unique & Special.

You can call Hostgator a big player since it’s been doing its business for over 19 years and Hostgator hosting a large share of the website.

So it must be doing something special right?

Today on Visblues today we are going to break down how to install Hostagor on WordPress! and more about HostGator.

For let’s see to review Hostgator we need to know What is Hostgator!

What is HostGator?

Founded by Brent Oxley on October 22nd, 2002, so they are in business since 2002!, HostGator has been a leading provider of affordable secure web hosting.

It’s become well known for its rich share hosting packages offering unlimited storage, email, and monthly databases that give users plenty of room and tools to develop and thrive uptime and speed.

Hostgator might be the biggest and oldest web hosting company in the industry now in 2022

Also, HostGator is one of the most affordable hosting companies around.

We will Review Hostgator & How to install WordPress on Hostgator!

I will show you how to install WordPress on Hostgator so you can launch your first website or blog in 2022

  • Register domain name
  • Create Domain Account
  • Login into HostGator Cpanel

Let’s get rid of any bugs you may have:-

  • GO into your Cpanel on Hostgator
  • Go into the software section
  • GO into multi-PHP Manager

By default, the system pho version they have is 5.4 sometimes which is outdated. (the reason is if they updated they might break some of the customer websites)

  • What I recommend is that you Check what your PHP version is.
  • if they say it’s version 7 then also update it like the pic below click on the box(Check it)
  • Take the highest version and apply it

This is important because WordPress is going to give you a warning or an error if you try to install it on a lower version under 7.0

With our PHP version upgraded we can go back to our HostGator dashboard and now we can click the install WordPress button and from here we just click install now.

We through this seeing you don’t have to worry, about most of these right now you know you can choose a WordPress version but you want the latest version installed

So, this is where you choose your protocol as I said that SSL is still pending, I would just go and install WordPress on HTTP and then we can update once the SSL is good to go.

Hostgator WordPress Install

With our PHP version upgraded we can go back to our HostGator dashboard and now we can click the install WordPress button from here we just click install now and we go through these settings you don’t have to worry about it.

choose the latest version of WordPress and take HTTP or other what u like, now your WordPress admin username and password and add our email.

Then we scroll down and Install WORDPRESS!

How good is HostGator?

Let’s, break down HostGator hosting, Hostgator offers a lot of different services for your site, from shared hosting to website builders.

Looking around at others’ reviews and forum posts, Hostgator can get a Bad Repđź‘Ž.

The main complaints are:-

  • Weak performances
  • Lackluster support
  • Expensive hosting

But, you know what they say, every 5-star review is a friend or employee and every one-star review is just over-exaggerated anger.

So, let’s see for ourselves whether it’s true or not!

We Review Hostgator:- Performance

First, let’s test Performance!

I installed WordPress, when Installed WordPress onto the cheapest plan, and added a custom theme with a pre-made design.

This was so the test website resemble an actual website with content.

I wanted to test three parameters:-

  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Stress Handling

Let’s see what we got, so after monitoring the entire site for a month, using a website monitoring tool.

We Review Hostgator:- The results

Hostgator website has only 5 minutes of downtime in a whopping 99.99 percent uptime, so the uptime is good but what about server response times here?

Well, the average response time was under the recommended 500 milliseconds and there were no roller coaster spikes in performances.

So, overall you should expect a stable hosting experience.

For this operation when used GT metrics to test how fast and how optimized my website was after a couple of tests the average full page loading speed was2.5 seconds.

For a full website anything under three seconds is considered a win, so, Hostgator is fast but the server speed could be improved.

We Review Hostgator Support

review hostgator

Hostgator helps in three different ways, email, phone, and live chat. These are 24/7/365 available, so that’s a good start already.

review hostgator

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type of person, I found that Hostgator has an extensive knowledge base with guides, video tutorials, and other articles.

But for this blog let’s test out the live chat support!

review hostgator

While testing everything out, when. contact the support agent several times.

Though sometimes had to wait a bit longer, it usually would take between 2 to 3 minutes for an agent to respond

What I like overall is that in most of the cases, HostGator support was very proactive.

Instead of sending me to read an article about my issues, they actually would go and solve it.

But then why is there so much negative feedback about their support, HostGator outsources its customer service, as do a lot of other providers.

This means that not every agent will be invested to the fullest in their job. We all had our bad days.

I also ran into a few of the agents that didn’t have the most fluent English skills

So, this can sometimes lead to miscommunication.

We Review Hostgator that Is HostGator expensive? (Pricing)

review hostgator

Hostgator offers its customers a wide range of plans including |Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

The Pricing here ranges from $2.75 to $139 a Month, which to be fair it can be quite the range.

We’ll be dissecting its shared hosting plans.

review hostgator

Hatchling Plan

The Hostgator cheapest oddly named Hatchling plan

Start at $2.75/Month

Baby Plan

The Hostgator Baby Plan Goes for $3.50/Month.

Business Plan

The Hostgator Business Plan Goes for $5.25/Month

Keep in mind that these prices are only available for your first purchase and only if you choose the 36-month billing option

If you want this plan for a Month $10.95!

In this Review Hostgator: What about renewal?

The price of the cheapest plan (Hatchling Plan) comes back to $6.95/Month (And the most expensive (Business Plan) at $14.95/Month after your initial purchase.

Shared hosting has both spaced storage space and bandwidth unmetered.

Now, unmetered doesn’t mean unlimited, it just means that they don’t count, how much you use until they do, and even a 45 day’s money-back-guarantee

Review Hostgator: Pros And Cons

review hostgator


  • The biggest pros for Hostgator is definitely the uptime, now Hostgator offers an unbeatable uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent.
  • In terms of features, for average users HostGator offer more features on it share plan than most hosting provider:-
  • Free Domain, Free Site Transfers, Unmetered Bandwidth, One-Click Install, Free SSL Certificate, CPS, virtual private server, dedicated and shared servers, and advertising credit.
  • Also Includes free email marketing software to take your site to the next lvl.
  • HostGator support or custom support knowledge-base it’s a searchable treasure trove and its live chat function is fast and reliable(live chat services on their site).
  • There is near or unlimited customer support offered by Hostgator with a direct phone call number on their Twitter page their official blog and how they provide easy-to-follow knowledge.
  • Hostgator cloud hosting is one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting services out there without a doubt.
  • Even a 45 days money back guarantee


  • Now, perhaps a couple of cons is that Hostgator plans are slightly more expensive than those of other top competitors
  • The HostGator control panel and site design are a little outdated which makes for a clunky user experience
  • Let’s talk about uptime, uptime guarantee, which is offered at 99.99 percent, which equates to the best on the market it’s impossible to guarantee 100 uptime.
  • This means your site will experience less than an hour of downtime per year.

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Review Hostgator Conclusion

In this Review Hostgator! so, my final words are, is Hostgator good or is it bad Hostgator, Hostgator is a nice affordable option for beginners and for small businesses

Plans pack quite a powerful combination of features and tools for the price.

You can get two website builders included to create your site with.

The performances and support are also solid. Sure there are a few bumps here and there, but in my humble opinion, Hostgator is a good or can say great choice!

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