Semrush Free Trial – Everything You Need to Know (2022)

Let’s get to the point, hey guys, so I am gonna start by saying something super obvious (You can try Semrush Free Trial)

Here if you have a website or blog or channel or whatever it is, etc

what’s the one thing we all want? More visitors right?

So, whatever your business is if you don’t have an online presence you cannot do it without traffic and this is probably the thing I get asked the most, how do I get more visitors or more views.

How do you get more visitors if you have a website, blog, or channel? Therefore tools like Semrush (Semrush Free Trial) is the best tools available on the internet in 2022?

Let’s see the benefit and Semrush’s Pros and Cons.

We are going to be talking about how useful Semrush will be for you and Whether you should buy it or not.

if you run your own website it’s very important to stay up to date with your competitors regarding your marketing and SEO techniques so very important to stay up to date.

That is why I want to take some time to share the tools that I love, Semrush, you can signup for a semrush free trial.

What is Semrush?

semrush free trial

Well, if you haven’t heard of Semrush, this is a tool that is like a one-shop for getting more traffic.

Simply put, Semrush is a product that helps you to optimize your site for your search engine.

It now has a massive user base of over seven million users and is one of the most popular SEO tools currently available on the market

Semrush is a go-to tool if you are in the plan of doing keyword research for your company, website, blog, or channel.

Maybe you running an agency and you want to run keyword research and discover new opportunities for your client, Semrush is going to be the go-to tool to use.

The Semrush Traffic analysis is built on robust clickstream data based on 200 million real users, you can analyze any website and get to know its audience traffic sources

Keyword magic tool boasts over 8 billion keywords across 118 country databases this allows you to generate tons and tons of quality ideas for a single keyword.

It’s pretty important to enrich your SEO advertising and even your content marketing campaign.

So, I am going to be taking you through four main tabs on the Semrush, Competetive analysis toolkit it’s going to include the:-

  • Organic Research tab
  • The Keyword gap analysis
  • The Backlinks analysis tool

Last but not the least

  • The Topic Research tools

So, Make sure you read to the end of this blog because there are many more features and SEO tools in Semrush.- Semrush free trial

How Semrush Helps you?

Semrush works by giving you a lot of information, which you can use to do things such as create new web content that is likely to attract traffic and also let you identify link building and opportunities.

Uh you can tweak technical aspects of your site content so it can achieve a higher search ranking for example Semrush can give you keyword suggestions

Based on phrases you enter that can be used as the basis for like writing blog posts that are likely to perform well in the search result

It can also tell you how difficult it will be to rank for specific search phrases it also suggests the website that might be worth approaching for backlinks.

And, It also allows you to perform an SEO audit on your website to find out if there are any technical improvements so, you can make to it that it will help you achieve better search results

All that is honestly the beginning though, okay so there are so many other features provided by semrush to help you improve your site’s position in search results.

So, one of the major advantages of having a Seo and keyword analysis suite like semrush in your toolbox is that you will probably not run out of features to improve your business

Semrush Features

When it comes to Semrush, Semrush is not only for SEO as you can see here

semrush free trial

It will allow you to dig into more of your content marketing, your PPC, you’ll have your social media as well as your competitive research

But, we will be focusing on this blog, which is going to be the SEO part, we will dig into the keyword research aspect and what kind of opportunities you can find by using tools such as semrush.

  • Seo
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Agency Solution

You can do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from just one platform.


  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Building
  • Competitor SEO Analysis

Grow organic traffic with Complete and easy Semrush SEO tools and workflow. Find millions of nationwide and local keyword

Study any domain’s Backlinks Profile, Runs an Advanced specialized SEO audit, Track your SERP Rank Daily.

Find all the most profitable keywords to target and get traffic to the website, See all the keywords and content in your opponents’ tactics.

Content Marketing

  • The Content Marketing
  • Content Optimization
  • Distribution and Content Creation
  • Content Marketing Analytics

Create Content that ranks with Semrush Content Marketing tools (No Specialist Knowledge Needed)

Create a strong Content technique with a data-driven solution, Consider your content performance to determine sites of progress.

Marketing Research

  • Competitore pr monetiring
  • Competitior analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Paid Advertising
  • Position Tracking

With Semrush Marketing Research disclose your Rivals, Marketing Strategic, and tactics. Also will investigate traffic for your website, will also reveal Rival promotions.

Semrush Marketing Research tool brings ideas for increasing your market share and also will find the keyword and backlink holes.


  • Domain Overview
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising
  • PLA Research
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Website Monetization

This report is quite similar to the organic search? it shows data on paid search performance in any domain in the selected country for the selected time period.

Find how to reach more Prospects while paying less, See the most profitable keywords for every PPC campaign, and Monitor your rival ad copies and landing pages.

Semrush Advertising Research tool also Optimize your advertisement pay (at a regional class) and the Semrush Advertising Research tool Examine Google Shopping ad campaigns.

Social Media

  • The Social Media Poster
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Management (Social Media)
  • Social Media Ads

Create your most useful Social Media tactics, Create your most influential social media technique, Post content on social media, and plan.

Examine the performance of your posts also Track & examine rival accounts and Make & optimize social ads.

Improve your social media strategy with cross-network publishing, scheduling, analytics, and ads management.

Agency Solution

  • Bid Finder
  • Agency partner
  • CRM
  • My Reports

Streamline your agency procedures for development, Get regularly quality leads, Automate pitching and customer reporting.

Design share task advancement details, and white-label customer portals and Handle with CRM the complete customer workflow.

Pricing plans

You might be thinking to yourself by now all of these features sounds pretty damn expensive well, Guys, honestly it’s really not.

semrush free trial

You must be willing to invest a reasonable amount of money in a reputable trustworthy SEO tool if you want to dominate search rankings in your niche and learn what your competitor is up to.

Guys, honestly semrush pricing is not expensive it’s really not.

Semrush pricing starts at 99.95 per month Semrush Pro plan per user however they do offer that 1 week’s free trial, so you should be getting on that 100 percent – Semrush free trial

For marketing beginners and little in-house teams, For SMEs, developing agents and marketing advisors. For big agencies and businesses.

Pay Annually and save up to 17% of the plan prices

Pro Semrush Plan – 99.95 per month anually

Guru Semrush Plan – 191.62 per month anually

Business Semrush Plan – 374.95 per month anually

If you think to yourself that 99.95 dollars is sound expensive just give the trial a shot and I am sure you will change your mind

Also, there is no other that I know of with this pricing and the same quality which semrush provides (Can check our Semrush vs Similarweb) – click it

Other things Semrush is Know For:-

Site audit tool

The site Audit tool is good in terms of providing you with detailed information in terms of your technical Seo and other elements of your website that you may need to fix in case you got any errors

There are 6 different tabs within this site audit tool and the overview tab is really good, to straight away give you any errors or warnings or notices that you have on your site

You can take a look to see how many pages were crawled, can see if they are healthy or not, broken or not, have issues or not, are redirected or blocked, etc.

You can get your overall site health and all these reports about crawl ability, your site performance, HTTP, and internal linking In just 1 click( you will have all the top issue listing right off the bat)

So you can see what the biggest problems are with the (Your) site

Now, one of my favorites and most useful tabs within this tabs tools is the crawled pages because you can easily see the craw depth of the issue that these specific pages have.

You can see the Canonicalization and you can also reorder the URL in case you’ve made any changes.

Keyword Gap Tool

Semrush Keyword Gap Tool is really good at determining which keywords your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t and the way it visualizes all of this is absolutely great..

Those who like seeing Graphs of different types of data and you can put up to 4 different Competitors.

So, here if I got my domain and 4 other competitor domain, put the country in and click compare.

It will quickly find any keyword overlaps in terms of keywords that my completion ranks for that I don’t.

You can see exactly which keywords are being shared across which, competitor

Also, it gives us the top of opportunities that we can try and rank for which we are not ranking for right now.

And also you can see exactly where you rank respective to your competitors for different keywords which is really important as well.

Keyword Magic tool

semrush free trial

Coming to the number one the best semrush feature in our opinion (After seeing Pros/Cons) is the Keyword Magic Tool

This is an absolute must-have for people doing keyword research

Because it does a lot of automation and it makes your life much more easier

In terms of identifying user intent for instance and also different types of cluster keywords that you can try and target

Having the best keywords for your campaign isn’t just about finding searches with the most volume

With Semrush Keyword Magic Tool makes intelligent keyword research easy and allows you to individually decide

Which keyword you are going to use in your campaign with the SEO Keyword Magic Tool

You are able to recognize new Keywords to maximize SEO or PPC campaign

You can include or exclude certain keywords to create custom lists navigate grouped keywords for potential adverbs

Examine up to 1 million different variations of a keyword in a single file and also explore different niche Keywords in your market

Start by entering the main keywords that you want to research in the keyword magic search bar

Once you enter that keyword, semrush will pull all of its data on that keyword

This includes volumes key, Keyword difficulty percentage, cost per click, competitive density, and SERP features

It will also show you the collective total volume of search results for this keyword as well as the average difficulty of every keyword in this list.

And some other:-

  • Devices Supported
  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • DesktopCustomer types
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • EnterpriseSupport Types
  • Phone
  • Online
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Search Query Ranking

Customer Support

A company’s reputation can be made or broken by its CUSTOMER SERVICE

It is one of the most crucial aspects of the company’s success this is especially true for services like semrush which are certain to receive concerns and queries from a large SEO community

Semrush Mostly provides help via Email and their extensive knowledge base they also have frequent seminars

Semrush Customer Service is ready to assist with any roadblocks you have while using semrush

They are trained software experts who speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian

team members are available to respond during your hours they are here to help when you need them

there are 4 ways to get hold of someone on the semrush team

  • Frist is phone (You can call them on the number in the footer of their Website to talk to one of semrush team members).
  • then their live chats (Go to the knowledge base and find the chat box i the bottom right head connor of the screen) to ask quick question and to get answers from semrush team.
  • Then Email you can send them all of the questions, concerns or feedback at ( Semrush – We Love ScreenShots) so Don’t forget to attact one
  • You can also find them on socail they are pretty much everywhere ( So, just log in to your preffered social media platform and get mingle with them

They try to help you out as soon as possible – Semrush free trial

Our other blogs homepage – & for content writer Jasper (former Jarvis AI)


semrush free trial

All-in-one SEO tool if you need one (that is, you don’t own one), use Semrush. If you seriously need a keyword position tracking tool, then you will be extremely comfortable with AccuRanker.

So who do I recommend Semrush for well basically anyone who has a site or channel

  • Anyone who needs more traffic
  • Anyone who doing their own SEO

And wants a tool to help them make the best decision for creating content that will be the easiest to Rank.

Like many others, I am sure initially held back using Semrush because of the coat, but I try to use some of the cheaper and free tools out there found some success

So, in Semrush I found that the data provided is much more reliable consistent, and trustworthy

As a result, I was able to see a faster ranking on google and I got reliable traffic of back of that

Which is more than the paid for the cost of using this many times over.

So, overall I think semrush is an essential tool for any website or business owner and honestly, I couldn’t see myself without a subscription, I would be lost without it.

Okay, because it does really help that much it’s just it’s an essential thing for me these days – Click here to try Semrush Free Trial.

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