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ShareASale Affiliate Program: How to Make $500 or more

Can You Make Money With ShareASale Even If you are not an affiliate marketing expert?

Yes, you can!

This is what we are going to discuss in this article

I will tell you exactly how I made more than $9000 through ShareASale

ShareASale payment proof

In fact, this is my first blog with more than $1000

Well, Let’s get started, shall we?

Firstly, If you are wondering what is ShareASale?

Founded in 2000, ShareASale is a well-known affiliate marketing network located in Chicago, Illinois. ShareASale pays commissions to affiliates based on sales.

As an affiliate marketer, you can choose from over 4,500 plans to earn these commissions.

In addition to the affiliate network, the WordPress theme also operates a business network.

Shareasale is one of the trustworthy and trustworthy resources for affiliate marketers like me and you.

Looking for a good affiliate marketplace? Wait! You can choose to start using ShareASale.

It is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces.

It was founded by Brian Littleton 18 years ago. It will definitely help you earn extra income and good passive income online. For marketers, it is a good place to start an affiliate program for your products and services.


ShareASale is an intermediate right between the merchant and the affiliated company. It has more than 2500 merchants, basically offering a large number of products and services, and proposing their affiliate programs to promote their products on many other websites in exchange for a fixed commission.

On the other hand, you will find that thousands of affiliates basically promote merchant products in exchange for commissions.

Affiliates will basically write down your product and review it, and if any of them clicks on the link and makes a purchase through your link, they can easily get paid.

Most of the time, affiliate members will send merchants a request to join their affiliate program.

What happened here is that many bloggers rely on Google AdSense or any other advertising network for affiliate income. If you are one of them, then it’s time to check out the ShareAsale affiliate program.

Looking forward to Google AdSense and other ad networks that will add a penny to you by maintaining maximum engagement is a good thing but, believe me, affiliate marketing will increase more commissions, you should start affiliate marketing today and start earning a lot of passive income.

I personally think that the ShareASale affiliate program is one of the best markets for affiliate marketing in the market.

At that time, bloggers and affiliate marketers could easily find new affiliate programs and join them.

The best part is that marketers who wish to launch an affiliate marketing program can easily join them and just use their welcome kit and all training webinars to educate themselves on success.

I think you need to understand these terms that you will get in the ShareAsale affiliate program:

Affiliate market: Basically, in this market, affiliates can easily discover many new opportunities while joining the affiliate program. Here, marketers will directly disclose their affiliate marketing plans to many affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Network Marketers: These are users like me and you. They basically joined the affiliate network marketing program and promoted them through blogs, PPC, or any other means.

Affiliate marketing software: Basically, this can be a self-hosted service, such as ShareASale, ClickBank, or CJ, which mainly hosts affiliate marketing programs.

In this case, if we talk about ShareASale, then this is affiliate software.

Merchants: The merchants here are basically called business owners, and they basically set up all of their affiliate programs so that any affiliate member can join.

And it also brings more traffic and sales rights to your business in exchange for the fixed commission rights of affiliate sellers.

The problem here is that all other affiliate market models are basically the same, but the user interface and functions are different.

I think you are now familiar with the basic terms because they will help you understand this amazing ShareAsale affiliate program.

I’ve been a ShareASale member for a few months now and I really like it.

At first, I earned $10 on my blog in the second month. That was in March 2021. $10 was a lead commission

Then in April, I made $130, I was disappointed because I expected more.

I almost destroyed my blog in mid-April but to my surprise, there was a $200 commission!

So instead of deactivating my account, I started advertising more and more through my blog and emails and eventually hit those high numbers in March.

Well, enough about my story let’s find out how you, as a beginner can earn $500 or more with ShareASale.

I started a blog in April and made $50, this was not an affiliate commission.

How to Get Paid on ShareASale for Writing Blogs

Earlier I mentioned that the $50 that I earned wasn’t a commission, In other words, I did not make any affiliate sales.

I was basically paid for writing a post, what does this mean?

The advantage of becoming a ShareASale member is that some merchants will offer you a bonus for writing unique posts about their products.

For example, I personally use WpForms on my blog and wrote a tutorial on how to create a contact form.

WpForms already offers a $50 bonus, so I received the bonus after posting this tutorial and they sent it directly to my PayPal account.

Of course, I didn’t stop there, I published more than 5 posts, each worth a 50 USD bonus

Don’t forget the 10 USD bonus for 150-word messages.

That’s crazy, right?

The crazier part is that anyone can do this, as long as you have a good blog page going for you.

If you are one of those bloggers who are struggling to earn your first $$$, I suggest you join ShareASale

There is a high chance of making money without any membership sales.

Please remember that you can still make money through the same posts which means that the bonus of $50 is just a thank you for writing the post

Merchants will continue to improve their products, which means more bonus offers*

This is not all, apart from the $50, Some businesses will also promote your posts for free!

This is something you can’t find in other affiliate marketing programs. You can easily make $500 or more as I did eventually.

Imagine if you didn’t join ShareASale, would you miss it?


After all, joining is free

Key Things to Consider Before Writing a Blog Post for Money

Before you start enjoying the bonuses of ShareASale, you should always keep in mind two important things.

  • Your readers are important: Make sure what you write will benefit your readers. Don’t write to earn bonuses. Put your readers first.
  • Write a unique post: Unique means something you write in your own words. Some businesses will give you examples (posts), but this does not mean that you should copy these posts, they are for inspiration, not copying.
  • If you copy the work of other bloggers, your posts will not be rewarded. Please remember that these businesses cooperate with many bloggers.

How to Get Started on ShareASale

ShareASale affiliate login

To start using ShareASale, you need to sign up for their merchant or affiliate program through the company website

After submitting the request, ShareASale will send you an email containing a welcome package from the merchant or affiliate.

ShareASale can provide affiliates with referral links and hypertext markup language (HTML) banners for any merchant to use. As a member, you will place Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) links and banners on your website and start earning commissions for your recommendations.

ShareASale does not charge any fees to join the affiliate program.

As a merchant, ShareASale can upload your business to the ShareASale system within 2 working days, and your business will start generating affiliate links and banners.


When there’s an easy way to make money from your blog, don’t wait long for your first membership sale (at least at a beginner level)

Join ShareASale and get paid to write a blog post

Remember not to be dazzled by these bonuses, always put your readers first.

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