TubeBuddy: Keyword Explorer And Every Feature Reviewed

Is TubeBuddy the best toolset to get views, watch time, and subscribers on youtube?

We know that growing on youtube is important and we want to show you how you can use Tubebuddy tools to get more views on youtube!

Writing this blog is a long time taking guys, because you know me I gave this a solid test.

I’m going to give you what I consider the absolute strengths and weaknesses as well as my specific recommendation for what you should do with it

Overview of TubeBuddy

This is setup what I call Youtube Helper tools, the goal is to help you to understand your metrics and in all their marketing they say to get more views and more subscribers

It gives you SEO tips to ensure you optimize your video correctly, it gives you tags suggestions checklist, and more for every year.

We’ve used the free version and then we got given a three-day upgrade and suddenly open our eyes to how much harder our lives were.

What is great about TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy is very good at giving you access to data that is already available on youtube but making it easier to find

Whether that be channel lytics in the case of Tubebuddy or side-by-side comparisons or search results a lot of different examples of like ratios, so many things.

TubeBuddy do very well at bringing it up and making it more easily more readily available

From my interaction with them the creators, the developers of both of these companies are great people

They have their top goal of helping you and I also Helping youtube creators build their channels

  • Ease of access to matrics
  • Good people building the tools

TubeBuddy Strengths


Bulk actions:- TubeBuddy by far have more capability for doing bulk processing on a channel

Whether that description Bulk cards, Bulk End Screens, comment filters, Misc tools, and so many things are built into tubebuddy that make bulk actions actually incredibly useful for a large channel

Tubebuddy also has a lot of specific use cases built into their tool they have a lot of things going on over there

For example, I would say if the comment contest winner they have the ability to choose a random commenter across your entire channel or within a specific video or you can even filter by specific keywords

There are 4 options on TubeBudyy

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Star
  • Legend

For the small creators and by small notice a channel up to 50k maybe a 100k.

You will also get a discount if you have less than 1000 subscribers on the pro package.

Really I think the startup should be the one to go for if you really want to go or the PRO, for if you do want to go to paid features.

We believe the PRO and STAR Packages are the best options for you!

TubeBuddy PRO

Yearly:- $2.80/Month

Monthly:- $3.50/Month

TubeBuddy STAR

Yearly:- $9.50/Month

Monthly:- $11.50/Month

TubeBuddy LEGEND

Yearly:- $21.20/Month

Monthly:- $26.50/Month

Some Features of Tubebuddy

  • Video SEO
  • Search Rank Tracking
  • Health Report
  • Sunset Video(Publish to Private video on a timer or remove from the playlist at a certain date)
  • Schedule Video Updates
  • Productivity
  • Promotion
  • Data & Research
  • Publish at a later date
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Bulk Actions
  • Brand Tracker

On both the STAR and PRO you get the incredibly powerful SEO tool


Firstly you get tons of related keywords and video highlights for example all types of video titles into the search bar

Then you will see the keyword score as well SEO as you do in a free version what you get here is way more suggestions so when you click on them you can see their scores.

The benefit of this is you can get a slightly different wording for your title that might give you more chance of ranking.

TubeBuddy PROS and CONS

I’m going to give you the PROS and CONS of TubeBuddy so that way you know if it’s worth your time and money

Starting with the Cons because people love negativity

  • outdated SEO Information

Is that it has a lot of outdated SEO Information on the TubeBuddy website

For example, on the TubeBuddy checklist page, they say: this tags steps and all

But according to the youtube faq, the tags are not impeded, it is just to help correct common spelling mistakes, for example, YouTube vs U tube vs YouTube).

Here are 10 Great Tubebuddy tools to help you on youtube.

Please note that some of these tools will require a paid version of Tubebuddy, but all of the tools will be labeled with the license they needed.

  • Bulk Copy Cards and End screen
  • Retention Analyzer
  • Playlist Organizer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Videolytics
  • Fast Spying
  • Stealing your Competitor Tags
  • Publishing Checklist
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • Suggested Tags

If you are serious about growing your youtube channel it means you’re gonna have to make a lot of content and managing that content is gonna take up a lot of your time.

Especially if you are reading others’ blogs on our websites.

So, the steps you need to take to get more views and subscribers

1) Bulk Copy Cards and End screen

You can use your existing video to push to your most recent videos


To do this head to my video page and bulk edit or either cards or the End screen

We will show you how to bulk edit cards, but it works the same for the End screen

Using the time information we got from the retention analyzer, place a card on a video at that time.

Then follow the end screen instruction then you can add that element to all of the videos.

This is a great way to get them to watch more of your content. (On the end screen you can just select best for the viewer which youtube suggests).

2) Retention Analyzer

Knowing when people stop watching your content is important to get more views.

Because if people leave before the end, they may not be getting suggested another video from you.


With the retention analyzer, we look at your 25 most popular videos and your 25 most recent videos to find the average view duration.

Then you can know at what point people are leaving, so you can add a card to try to engage them.

Or more importantly, make additional changes so those drops don’t happen in your future youtube videos.

If you do add a card you are likely to get more views because it helps encourages people to watch more of your content instead of clicking away and watching something else.

3) Playlists organizer

Playlists are important on youtube, and they help you make your videos easy to watch one video after the other!

With this TubeBuddy tool, we’ll help your playlists be even better.

By heading to the playlist page, we let you organize your playlists by clicking on a playlist, and then hitting the TubeBuddy Action icon”


We let you sort for free by Standard metrics, such as what’s most popular or newest.

Or by Misc. options, such as alphabetical, or if your videos are in a group playlist you can sort your videos first or in random order.

For paid users we let you sort your playlists by, Which videos get you the most subscribers and which videos have the highest average view duration.

Which videos get the most likes, comments or shares, or watch percentage.

This is useful because if you want to earn more subscribers, having a playlist that converts people to subscribers to you, is a GREAT way to do that.

4) Keyword Explorer – Freemium

The TubeBuddy Keyword explorer is an expensive tool that helps you research what people are looking for around a topic!

Keyword Explorer is available for free users but will have results compared to paid users.


If we were to look up” how to get more views on youtube”, we can see how many people are looking for this on youtube per month, and how many videos are there for this topic.

A generally unweighted score, and for paid members, a personalized weighted score using YOUR Channel.

The score is like a stoplight- red means STOP and consider another keyword to use, yellow means to be cautious about that keyword, and green means you are good to go.

However, make sure to look at other factors within keyword explorer!

5) Videolytics

TubeBuddy Videolytics is a great feature that lets you see how other successful content creators have tagged and shared their content.


This is useful because it can give you a better understanding of what another creator in your niche is targeting in youtube searches.

Since you are in a similar niche, it can help you finding places that the creator isn’t targeting.

Gives you a chance in search to stand out!

Another great thing to do is to take a look at the Social Monitor to see where their content was shared.

6) Fast Spying

TubeBuddy tools spying on your competition fast once you’ve installed you could pick any videos of a crater in the same niche.


Easily see their Stats, Social Shares, Views, and How many videos? and so on!

It’s not groundbreaking but it’s flipping convenient you can even see what text they used in their videos.

7) Staying on the theme


TubeBuddy tools, staying on the theme of tags, you can actually steal your competition tags (legally steal) and whack him in your own video on the same topic.

Why just spend time thinking of your own and you can go on to the top-ranking video of the search term you are trying to target and just steal him(Legally).

8) Publishing Checklist

TubeBuddy tools, Publishing Checklist if you’ve watched our videos about how to upload a video properly to grow your channel.

You’ll know there are quite a few steps you need to take the links in the description.


By the way, TubeBuddy takes away all the unknowns and gives you a sweet checklist to ensure you take all the right steps, far bloating perfection.

9) Thumbnail Generator


You can actually build your own custom thumbnails inside TubeBuddy, this isn’t quite Photoshop

But if you are tight on resources it’s gonna give you a good alternative.

10) Suggested Tags


Suggested tags when you upload your videos you can use the TubeBuddy slick suggested tag option unless you’ve just stolen your competitions

But if you’re not faith and this is the next best thing there are a few other notable features.

To embedding It’s pretty easy and gives you some good options.

TubeBuddy Conclusion

Who would want to use each of these tools and when?

I will say the first thing, it’s for the Absolute Beginners if you have no idea how to use youtube. It might make sense to pick one of these tools.

TubeBuddy is very good at giving you a sense of how to upload! how to produce videos! and a few key things that do help your video platform all for Free.

TubeBuddy also provides a framework and gives you access to analytics that are more convenient and keep it top of mind.

There in the tools are 10% percent or less that don’t do the lot of result on your channel like a lot of the things didn’t matter as much as the tools make them seem.

Even Larger Active Channels, what I mean by active is you are publishing regularly, you have a lot of videos on your channels.

You would benefit from tools to help you minimize the amount of time it’s taking for you to manage your channel

Bulk tools are incredibly handy things like upgrading your description or finding and replacing sections of text in your description

Even bulk updating cards and end screens can be really handy if you have 100s of videos on your channel.

When it comes right down to it a lot of the game is understanding the analytics on your channel and which one actually matters the most.

Which one actually pushes the needle to Success and Growth and more Views and more Subscriber on your Channel and so for that I made this blog for you.

Can Visit more of our blogs at Visblues.

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