Best Online Course Provicers

What Are the Best Online Course Providers

What are Online Course Providers?

Online course providers offer a large number of open online courses (or MOOCs) and other organized courses that can be learned online. Students taking online courses generally complete a series of courses and are assessed to demonstrate their mastery of the material. Depending on the subject and course work, some online course providers may provide certificates to students upon completion. Although many online course providers offer free courses, some require monthly or one-time payments to allow students access to larger or more advanced course options. Other online course providers may charge fees for certificates of completion or corporate visits to courses.

Courses offered through online course providers cover a wide range of disciplines, including coding, data science, marketing, graphic design, software skills, and professional development. Some online course providers have smaller course catalogs and may offer courses focused on developing specific technical skills, while other providers offer large catalogs with hundreds of different topics.

To be eligible for inclusion in the online course provider category, service providers must:
Provide self-paced online course content
Includes a set of courses organized by courses, modules, or topics
Assess the student progress through skills assessments

Where to Start: How to Find the Right Course Provider?

There are many things to consider: such as the authority of the content (that is, who runs the course), the availability of certificates, and the opportunity to test knowledge during the learning process. Another factor to be evaluated is the price: many platforms offer free courses without certification, while others require monthly subscriptions or one-time payments.

If you begin to learn a new skill on your own, it shows the potential and desires to learn. Why is this important? ! Well, in fact, the founder of Katharina Klausberger suggested to startup founders that they should hire based on their personality and desire to learn, rather than specific skills that can be improved over time. If you show that you are willing to improve, then you are already on the right track!


EdX is a non-profit online education and learning platform founded by the famous Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is used by more than 20 million students and 140 institutions, including many top universities and industry-leading companies, and offers more than 2500 courses.

provides a wide range of course options, grouped by category or institution, and can also be filtered by level, and you can learn at the rhythm of each course at any time. Most courses are offered for free, and if a verified certificate of participation and completion is required, a fee is required. Professional education courses require a one-time payment.


Pluralsight Skills

Pluralsight is unique in that it is a very immersive experience. There are quizzes, quizzes to measure your skills, ways to personalize and organize your learning experience, coding projects, planned learning paths, webinars, and more. For those who are just starting to learn technical skills, there are more beginnerfriendly platforms than Pluralsight. But for students preparing to study intermediate content, Pluralsight is a great choice to take their skills to the next level.

If you want to go beyond beginner resources, Pluralsight can help you take your skills to the next level.

Sign up for Pluralsight here and choose a free trial to see if the platform is right for you.

Top 20 Free Pluralsight Courses for Java and Spring Developers - DEV  Community


Udemy, Inc. is an online course provider with more than 35 million students and 130,000 courses in more than 65 languages. There are seven main categories, namely business, finance and accounting, marketing, design, photography, health and fitness, music, teaching and academic, development,

IT and software, office efficiency, lifestyle, and personal development.
Each course has its own price, which can be purchased at any time and used for life. Anyone can post a course, so the previews and comments provided on the website should be used to assess the quality. The good news is that if you are not satisfied with the content, you can refund it within 30 days.


SkillShare is an online learning community that divides courses into four different categories: creativity, business, technology, and lifestyle. Each group has precise subcategories, and there are many different video content for your reference. The focus is on creativity, which is the core business of the platform.

Courses are taught by true creators and experts who are willing to share their experience, wisdom, and trusted tools. Some courses are offered for free, but if you want the full package, the monthly subscription fee is 96 Euros, the annual subscription fee is 14 Euros, and the monthly subscription fee is 14 Euros.



Coursera is an online learning platform for higher education, with 68 million students and more than 4,300 courses. Work with more than 200 leading universities and industry educators-certificates and degrees are also available online.

Free courses provide video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums, while paid courses provide additional tests and projects. The courses are divided into 11 major categories, namely art and humanities, business, computer science, data science, information technology, healthcare, language learning, mathematics and logic, personal development, physical science, engineering, and social science.



Overall, my experience at Udacity has been positive. The Nanodegrees I have tested are all well structured and each offers high-quality teaching.

Udacity’s website interface is good, the video lesson duration is correct, and there are many opportunities for feedback and suggestions. Although Udacity provides a suggested completion schedule for each course, I am free to complete the Nanograduate at my own pace and can usually submit projects in any order I wish.

In essence, Udacity is a great alternative to more expensive boot camps or classroom courses and still manages to provide hands-on exercises and personalized feedback. This targeted feedback can help you quickly improve your skills and hold you more accountable for your overall progress.

Udacity Data Science Nanodegree Review - 2021 Is it Good, Worth it ?

Udacity vs. Coursera

Coursera Specializations is the closest competitor to Udacity Nanodegrees.

There is always fierce competition between Udacity’s ML Engineer Nanodegree and Coursera’s Andrew Ng specialization. They also partner with universities to offer degrees online. But they are very long and much more expensive than Udacity.

Why don’t you try the Nanodegree?

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